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    Funny man we got here.
  2. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, We bring to you stage one of our Ironman re-haul, this may be frustrating to some of our current ironman members. But this allows us to develop more extensive Ironman content within our server, in which making it worthwhile playing these game modes. Our current Ironman Ranks (Ironman and Ultimate Ironman), have been decommissioned and now have the rank of Legacy Ironman and Legacy Ultimate Ironman, this rank is now discontinued for our future player base. This brings to you our new Ironman modes, including, Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, Hardcore Ironman. This brings many restrictions to shops, restrictions on the online store, reduction of XP rates, and increased drop rates. We did this mainly because, our current modes are a disgrace to the integrity of the Ironman play style, the XP rates are astronomically high, the feeling of “achievement” wasn’t as satisfying, something had to be done about this. This allows us to transition into one of my favorite upcoming content additions, Group Ironman. We are not sure on a release date for GIM, but this will bring about so many more fun community interactions, and creativity that we can bring into NR. We will be hosting multiple events with these new game modes releasing. You can see all of the events and rewards below; Ironman First maxed Ironman: 100m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Ironman: 50m OSRS Third Maxed Ironman: 25m OSRS Ultimate Ironman First maxed Ultimate Ironman: 250m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Ultimate Ironman: 75m OSRS Third Maxed Ultimate Ironman: 50m OSRS Hardcore Ironman First maxed Hardcore Ironman: 300m OSRS or RDI Second maxed Hardcore Ironman: 100m OSRS Third Maxed Hardcore Ironman: 50m OSRS Read all about the ironman changes: Click Here **Please note: To keep things fair, we will not allow the transfer of ranks or pins to your chosen Ironman account(s). This will be effective throughout the duration of this competition. However, you are allowed to donate via your Ironman account(s) throughout the competition if you wish. We greatly appreciate your continued support, which is why we have opted to allow such a potential advantage. Once the competition has been fully completed, we will then once again allow you to transfer any ranks or pins to your Ironman account(s). Now I know many of you may be wondering, where are the PVP updates? Do not fret, we have a lot planned. All I’m going to say is, watch out for a Wilderness World Boss coming soon. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  3. Staff vs. World

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I would like to announce our first Staff vs. World event coming this Saturday, April 4th. The Staff vs. World event starts at 4PM EST and goes until 6PM EST. This will include all of the staff members that are around during this time. It will be much like a Juggernaut event, where we can fight back, we will have enhanced HP and some of the best equipment in the game. I will list the HP for each rank below; Developer: 40k Managers: 20k Advisor: 20k Admin: 15k Mod: 10k SS: 5k EVENT TIME: April 4th, 4PM-6PM EST There will be mboxes dropped through out the event, as long as PVP statues. We will kill low-level looters. We as a team are all very excited, and we can't wait to see all of the people that turn out for this weekends events. We also have a big content addition coming tonight or tomorrow, so stay tuned! Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management
  4. Community Manager Update

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I have finally decided upon a Community Manager. They will be in charge of community engagement, community feedback, events, and many other duties. Congratulations to Flint, it really wasn't a hard choice, I know he will not disappoint. We will be working closely together in achieving the greatest results for Near-Reality, whether it be new content ideas, improvement on current events, making the server overall more engaging. I know our team can bring the best out of Near-Reality moving forward. Flint will be posting more information about what he will be doing over the course of the next few weeks, congratulations, I know you will do great! Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management
  5. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    I have approved this, this will be happening on Saturday. More information will be posted by tomorrow.
  6. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

  7. Pk shop

    He is speaking about the Pre-Eoc SoL and the OSRS SoL. Something we need to address in the future.
  8. Store Changes | March 2020

    Even when I'm not actively involved with the community, I am still on Discord daily. Yes Dread was an amazing developer, until he quit out of the blue for no apparent reason. Again, I urge you to not be so negative, it's not a good look.
  9. Store Changes | March 2020 ?
  10. Store Changes | March 2020

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I thought it would be a fitting time to switch up the online Store, this gives everyone anywhere from 10-40% discounts on many different items. We have also released the Cerberus boot set to the store, for those who do not wish to grind for it. This coming week brings a large content update, so stay tuned, and lets keep pushing forward. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  11. can u look at my declined apeal? i dont think this is fair! they told me when i got ip banned that i would be for 3 days, and now i got ip banned for 10 days and lose my comp cape acc?? and the only thing i did was talk about rwt. and i was setup by another player who also tried to scam i tried to scam him i can tell you the whole story but this point is i have never rwt a coin. i really want to keep playing nr but only on my own acc. i hope u can do something because this is unfair.i never scammed the guy and i never rwtraded so i dont dont see why i should lose my accout were i spend hours of grinding to get my comp cape and my items. i really hope u can do something about this. mr burnt gp

  12. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Over the course of the past few weeks we have accomplished a great deal, we are nearly ready to be moving forward. As Lare and Guru continue to work diligently on Raids. Arham has been accomplishing a great deal in regards to the PVP revamp we had promised in the past. This included the introduction of the Larran’s Key, and the new Killstreak system. In regards to the PVP revamp we still have a world boss and pathing fixes to bring to you. We would like these two content additions to go alongside our SIX-YEAR ANNIVERSARY (April 17th, 2020). We will be hosting a plethora of events, drop parties, and so much more that week. We also have a great deal in progress behind the scenes. These content additions are planned to be released when we are suited for advertising and the revival of Near-Reality, this all starts with the completion of Raids. The last two weeks I have been back has been truly invigorating. Moving forward I know we can continue to accomplish even greater feats, I’m excited for what’s to come. Hold tight, and it’ll be well worth the wait. Information regarding the Six-Year Anniversary event; Friday: PVP + PVM Events + Drop Party Saturday: PVP + PVM Events Sunday: PVP + PVM Events More information will be posted in April, 2020. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  13. Important Information | Staff Updates

    As of now there is no university anymore, it's online. I have no obligation to attend non-existent classes. Thus freeing up a great deal of time for me. I understand the actions we take will be far greater than any words I may speak.
  14. Important Information | Staff Updates

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Over the course of the past week I have been re-integrating myself within Near-Reality. University has taken quite the turn, as I am sure the same can be said for many of you. I hope everyone is safe and is currently hibernating playing Near-Reality. Regardless, I have a great deal of time now, arriving back in my hometown, I can dedicate the time needed for Near-Reality. If I'm not able to I will be handing the managerial positions/duties to someone who is more fit to allow Near-Reality to prosper. We have a wonderful development team working hard, that I know will not be losing steam anytime soon. Today we have had our first official meeting for the first time in a while. If I do say myself, it was very nice to have the communication through out the team once again. As of now, I am not making any promises for dates of content, but we currently have an agenda on what we must accomplish before moving into a place where we will be able to compete with other servers, and allow our players to enjoy Near-Reality to it's full potential. We have a great deal prepared and planned, and I'm quite excited. The player base is really not the main concern preset at the moment, we must act and progress before I am able to adequately market this server in a way it will flourish like so many times before. I'm not trying to sound naive regarding the player base, we have to slow down and have a competitive game before we rush into full-blown advertising, as we simply will not retain those players. But regardless, I'm excited and so is the full team. As my first act as the staff manager I have decided there are some promotions needed in place; jimba has been promoted to Advisor Cause Havok has been promoted to Administrator Devyn has been promoted to Global Moderator Blood Buns has been promoted to Moderator I do wish I could say more, but hang tight a bit more. Were moving in a pace that works for us, that isn't trying to rush an unfinished product. I know I've let you guys down in the place, but I still don't intend to. If you guys have any questions, don't hesitate to PM me on the forums or on the Discord. Mod Jacmob Near Reality Management Team
  15. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, We would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas from the staff and development team. We know many of you will be absent today, but for those who are playing on Christmas we will be providing a multitude of events. We will also be running a store promotion where every item is 30% off until January 1st, 2020. I want to keep this quick, Raids is coming along quite nicely, today the developers must take a break. We are two bosses away from being able to test raids and release it to the public early in January. Advertisements have also started, Didyscape, Sprad, and Wet Wizard are all planned for videos in the comings day. 2020 will be our year, and without a further a do, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team

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