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  1. Store Changes | March 2020

    Well, you don't have to take away their ranks due to the old system giving them their rank. It will apply for everything after plus if people donate now that only benefits the server
  2. Store Changes | March 2020

    Oh sorry Blood Bun was writing in a hurry and didn't fully explain it xD. But a Tier system for example. 1 Donor Pin = $30 bucks right? So, make a system where instead of needing to donate $400 for Respected Donor (i think it's $400) make it so that every Donor Pin that you REDEEM (Either redeem to take them out of the server OR could derank at a cost) builds up to the next tier. Let me show you like a tier list example. Tier 1: $30 ( 1 Donor Pin ) ::di Rank Tier 2: $60 ( 2 Donor Pins ) ::die Rank Tier 3: $90 ( 3 Donor Pins) 5 Less GWD kills ( Legit what ever you feel like, small things along the way ya know nothing op ) Etc.... ( Could Skip "x" amounts and be like the 4th Tier = 10 Donor Pins what ever you feel like ) Tier 14: $420 ( 14 Donor Pins ) Respected Donor Rank Etc... until whatever By running this kind of a system it will raise the demand for donor pins in the game and give the players more of incentive to donate towards the server more often ( Which will help a lot with paying for the bills and the Dev team ). This will also give the F2P players a chance to go up the ranks by playing the game and it gives more of an incentive as well. Of course this is just an idea things could be tweaked/changed with better ideas, but I believe change is a good thing for the server since it's still running an old system ( from back then ) and the game hasn't really changed a whole lot except for the owners. P.S. Sorry if I messed up on my writing, it's quite hard to explain a system by typing it over saying it for me
  3. Store Changes | March 2020

    Aye this is a neat promotion, maybe one day you should think about revamping ::dpin to make them more valuable as in like a "tier" system
  4. 2b max cape achieved

    wew coming at me with that fowl language technically p2w nerd compared to non donor status ooof
  5. please delete thread @staff

    Just got updated!!!
  6. please delete thread @staff

  7. 2b max cape achieved

    staff perks vs non p2w perks D:
  8. 2b max cape achieved

    p2w D:
  9. Important Information | Staff Updates

    Sounds good man, I will be here the whole time watching and suggesting updates along with everyone. I expect great work with awesome updates.
  10. Important Information | Staff Updates

    It's wonderful that you say things are going well, but only actions will prove that your words actually have meaning. Plus i believe you need to be part of YOUR the community more often and not rely on your staff members cause you're stuck in class 24/7 without any breaks. Sorry if this comes off real rude, but these are my thoughts due to how things are going atm which you can understand the frustration as a player of the community.
  11. 2b max cape achieved

    Well, i only claimed it cause staff members have more benefits so it's less of a reward ALSO you were real close to 2b stats right after reset which wasnt possible in that time frame (i assume)
  12. Selling Dwarf Multi Cannon

    how much were you thinking about selling it for?
  13. 2b max cape achieved

    Same, but it's not even possible without being a staff BIG X SMALL D
  14. Ship Tickets

    I prefer things to be useful along side of cosmetic stuff
  15. Lava Vs Lime

    What my mama, my dada, my sista and me said

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