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  1. Staff vs. World

    btw ^ that's gonna be will on saturday in the wildy slapping all of you
  2. Staff vs. World

    great work team
  3. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    It's simple, we will have boosted stats. It's not hard to wipe some uglies out in 3 hits (-;
  4. [PvP] Kings Of The Hill

    I fuck with this. Great idea.
  5. Game Updates 13.0.27 | 18 March 2020

  6. Game Updates 13.0.26 | 11 March 2020

    Great work guys
  7. The truth behind Meridians.

    Rain and vh location? Maybe we can ask Mr posin to host a clan war style tournament. 5v5 10v10 whatever works for the clans, with a nice prize to the winning team.
  8. Game Updates 13.0.25 | 25th February 2020

    Good work ham ily
  9. What's up?

    P Ogggggg shout-out to ham for making moves on the dev end. Looking forward to working with you.
  10. Weekend Events - Jan 24th - Jan 26th

    nice spelling of throw Good plan though looking forward to it!
  11. The Pride

    Imagine still logging in everyday on a forums and replying on nearly every topic on a "dead game" roflcopters Games not dead, but with an attitude like that @Rytur it isn't a good environment. Side note : nice to see another clan popping up. Wish you the best of luck.
  12. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    God damn Arham, the amount of work you put out is stellar! Jacmob and the team are very lucky to have you on board. Keep up the work brother! Very good stuff. -Downed
  13. Kinda curious...

    I joined around 2010, I played a LOT in 2012, then made this account in 2014, played in 2017, then again now in 2019. Wish I would've found this sooner.
  14. [D PIN / 10M 07 GIVEAWAY] Eso OSRS PK Vid

    Damn you're a beast eso
  15. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Once again, if people didn't have the time or effort they would've already resigned, or have been demoted. You don't see what goes on behind the scenes, but you should know what goes on from your experiences. For example, instead of me spending 2-3 hours on the live server I try to take that time and split it up into an hour sometimes two of playing, an hour of digging and cleaning up forums/helping players recover accounts , an hour of testing when it's available etc etc. Thinking there's only 3-4 active staff is a wild assumption spank. Like I said before , you don't see who's talking about what in discord, who's testing stuff for ham and Juan, who's digging through forums , recovering accounts , typing up documents and lists for changes. Drop me the link to your suggestions post and I'll run through it tonight and see if it's already existing in my documented I have created. -downed

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