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  1. @PK RIOT

    you say you will match numbers if i say we have 6 you bring 18 fairly a bitch thing to do tbh
  2. @PK RIOT

    Why Do you need 3x the numbers unlike your clan mine has 8 online almost all hours of the day yet you need 20-30 to kill 8 so youre trash
  3. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    22 people currently recruiting active pvp members
  4. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    you will be invited after the server is up in the mean time anyone who can add my discord name for server invite will save time for later its Level3banker#3885 if your name in discord is different than in game you must pm me in game name for invite
  5. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    Well this clan was made do to Lack of communication and no organization in Maasai Tribe. It had nothing to do with anyone in the clan but it was not managed well at all. I'm willing to put in the time and effort to increase the effort in making a clan more successful.
  6. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    yeah for sure, ill invite when server is back up
  7. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    Also the first person to recruit 10 people will get a lime
  8. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    The PK Riot started when the lions escaped the zoo as they worked their ways back to the wild. People turned corrupt and the wild became apocalyptic. With one objective in mind,everyone else must die. Fighting for our lives we shall rise and build an empire. The blood will spill of everyone in site.Looting all the bodies of the slain Lion Kingdom and the Maajai Tribe. It's time to kill.....Let's start a Riot. -Looking For all players willing to PK. You must have discord and be able to understand English. You do not have to talk but you must be able to listen.Rev Caves,Gano and Wildy events will be the main objective along with just killing people who we run into. Anyone is welcome to join how ever if asked to mass you must participate. Let's use teamwork and cooperate and we will rise up together. If you have any desire to be in a clan that's going to fight anyone and everyone not in it this is the clan for you. We are willing to accept anyone who is not in a clan and wants to be. Discord name Level3banker#3885- pm me on discord with in game name and you will get an invite. (currently we have 15+people)
  9. Change Larran's key elite challenge to less

    ive done near 40 not 1 your better than me....
  10. High level Pure

    this account also has firecape
  11. High level Pure

    Quested has ava's,Dragon scim,Ancients all completed and ready to go Great pvp account great total level for rev caves. Taking offers. this account has 0 black marks. 96 quest points and its a beast.
  12. Combat Megathread

    ^^^~lmao- I hate spots- someone who is at Revs/Gano 24/7 asking for turned up drop rate due to clan camping it 24/7 when i rarely go there and not get killed longer than 5 minutes and get drops when im left alone for 5 minutes so cry more for free wealth~ -Wearing high defense gear doesn't show defense at all. -D claws has nearly no accuracy. -Korasi 95% of the time will kill you if your under 60hp -Lava and Lime hit 0's to often -D kite proc needs to be more consistent vs some times you hit 4 d kite hits in a row some times you don't get one for 5 minutes, maybe set to random proc to every 15-45 seconds at random proc resets counter? preventing extreme procs or extreme dead zones. -Teleblock is way to accurate alts literally throw 1 time to tb you at revs while main uses barrage with no chance of evading from clans or people multi logging in to tb and freeze.... -in side ::di/di2 +5% drop rate, Die/die2 +10% and LDI +15% drop rates. -Allow Rev task(or 3 wild tasks) to be blocked in the wild due to the lack of worlds and being camped 24/7 by clans. Defeating the purpose of wildy slayer for new players or those not in clans taking several days to complete 5-10 kills.From chain killers -
  13. The truth behind Meridians.

    but then again some of your clan is the same lmao....
  14. The truth behind Meridians.

    look at meridians reply they all talk like that then when you say profanity back. They whine in Trade chat about it like they are saints. Bunch of dumb-asses i tanked 3 of them for 5 mins solo and im the bad one lmao. When i am not pking they think their pro's for the kill when i actually try to pk....they either run or call all their friends.

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