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  1. Hey Eso add me on osrs my name on there is Hubbuhubbu0
  2. Selling Dwarf Multi Cannon

    It's 4B from the LDI store but I'm willing to discount it some. Comes with about 8k cannonballs. It's fully functional and really makes a huge differences. I've found that it basically almost doubles your killing capacity on average, triples at revs. Kept on death if deployed so safe for use in the wildy - it just returns to your inv or bank when you log out.
  3. Player Base Enhancement Program

    That's not a bad idea Milkshake!
  4. Advertisement?

    I agree 100%, this is more important than content right now.
  5. Player Base Enhancement Program

    My opinion is that Raids will improve the server, but the server is already great. How can you say there is nothing to advertise until raids comes out? We have working skills, tons of bosses, GWD, pking, wildy slayer, etc. Advertise raids when it comes out, hell even advertise that it's coming soon. But also advertise what we already have now.
  6. Weekend events - Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    These events are nice but we gotta do more to get new players.
  7. Player Base Enhancement Program

    The server is polished plenty. Get these things live NOW.
  8. Player Base Enhancement Program

    tldr; NEW PLAYERS NOW, NEW CONTENT LATER It's time to discuss the most important update of all. The player base. Nex being released was nice, Hydra is nice, and raids sound nice too. But you know what sounds GREAT? Having players to actually enjoy those updates. I propose a two pronged influence campaign by what players are left to convince the server administration that players should be able to type ::players and see 200+ people online at all times. Everyone's biggest complaint is always that the server is dead. Some people complain that raids is a myth that will never be released. But EVERYONE complains that there are not enough players on the server. THIS IS THE BIGGEST ISSUE FACING THE SERVER. First, we need to make it easy for the administration. Post here with your ideas for how we can increase the player count, and I will add them here. Spoon feed them what new "content" they need to develop. 1) Advertisement - on social media for cheap, target people who already "like" OSRS 2) Improved Voter Rewards/incentives 3) Voter Mobilization Events 4) YouTube Videos Second, we need to make our opinions known. From here on, on all updates, don't just compliment the update. Post saying you want to see more players. Don't be afraid of prospective new players browsing the forums and getting scared off. Perhaps that will happen. If so, it must get worse before it gets better. Do not ever let the administration live it down that this is the true desire of the server. This is the most pressing issue of our server. No reset can fix it. Only new players can.
  9. Game Updates | 29th January 2020

    Thanks for the update but I gotta say that there is zero point in making updates for this server right now. Bug fixes would be great, but honestly, everything runs fairly well for the most part. What this server actually needs is players to enjoy those updates you are talking about. Raids sounds cool but 1) not everyone wants it and 2) most people don't even care. You need to advertise. You need to advertise. You need to advertise. You need to increase the player base. You need to increase the player base. You need to increase the player base. THAT IS THE UPDATE EVERYONE WANTS!
  10. Selling D Pins for OSRS GP

    I have 8 d pins. PM me or post here.
  11. Sale

    I'm selling some things. Also buying d pins for nrgp and selling for osrs gp. Post here or pm me in game Hubbuhubbu0. EDIT: AGS, Korasi, and the C rapiers are sold.
  12. LETS GO BIG!

    Sign me up
  13. Multiple Skill Pets

    +1 I have 3 mining pets
  14. 226 Max Hit

    Your hp says 75/99 above your head but 99/99 by the map. Hax!
  15. Best PvM Suggestion Ever!

    This is a great idea. I played another server once that had this and it was awesome.

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