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  1. Withdraw Last

    In order to make life easier when skilling, especially herblore, i suggest we add a withdraw last. For instance, if you withdraw 14, you can then right click the item and withdraw 14. Implementing this would make skilling much easier and a lot more efficient and therefore more enjoyable. Thanks
  2. Firemaking pet change

    Thanks so much everyone!
  3. Firemaking pet change

    I suggest changing the mechanics of the firemaking pet to work as a bonfire. In other words you could throw logs on your pet. With the current mechanic, not using the pet is a lot more efficient then actually using it. So its just another cosmetic. With other pets in the game such as the goblin chef, i do not think this is an absurd thing to ask.
  4. Game Updates | 27 March 2020

    Bless. I'm trying to go for high scores so this would of been inconvenient.
  5. Game Updates | 27 March 2020

    We asked for 1.25x xp when?
  6. Broomba

    For those of you who do not know what the broomba is (might not even be the name of it), it is an item that allows you to transform into a broom stick. The animation is the broom sweeping back and forth and you are able to walk around in the transformation. It is by far the sexiest cosmetic in this game. However, only mods are able to get it. Show this post some love so we can make your broomba dreams a reality.
  7. Wiki editors

    I think this is a good idea. Not that it makes a difference, but i see simple grammar mistakes throughout the forums. It would look more professional if they were monitored and fixed.
  8. UIM Spectral giveaway

    3 gl all
  9. (Basic) Price Guide

    much respect to potent but these prices are way off. no one will ever sell a d kite for 400m, or rowi for 600m
  10. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    This boss is the best money maker by far. nothing can even come close. To nerf it, place in wild and have it spawn every few hours. Since it is big for ldi users, make the spawn on avatar, spawn twice as fast as wildy spawn. Something like this.
  11. 3 dose potions

    When you buy potions from certain stores you get 3 dose potions. Can it please be switched to 4 dose potions? It doesnt really make a difference but it would just look nicer to have them 4 dose.

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