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Hello everyone,


Now that the Nightmare has been released. We will be spending the next month or so, working on making the server flawless. We have enough content for the time being, it's time to make sure every function works, and expand current functionality to bring a fuller experience to our players. With this, we plan on updating every day with new updates, misc content, and bug fixes.

Game Updates

  • TSOTD (uncharged) now dismantles properly
  • ALL Slayer Helmets have been buffed by 10% across the board
    • Slayer Helmet is now 25% for melee
    • FSH is now 35% for all styles
    • Colored slayer helmets are 45% for their respective styles
  • Fixed a crash within the Revenant Caves
  • Randomized sleepwalker locations
  • Remove drop announcements from prayer potions in nightmare.
  • Fixed killcount display when drop announcements are sent from nightmare.
  • Parasite will only occupy one target.
  • Disabled the use of 'bank' and 'preset' commands within nightmare.
  • Randomize the parasite count in nightmare.
  • Buffed sleepwalker damage.
  • Curse special attack will now apply to the curse prayer book.
  • Modified max hit formula for eldritch and volatile staves.
  • Added a delay in nightmare's basic attacks before the projectile is fired. (Should make attacks more telegraphed)
  • Prevent parasites from healing the nightmare if her shield has fallen.
  • Buffed attack distance for nightmare staff specials.
  • Buffed attack distance for morrigan's javs.
  • Fixed a bug causing whip lash attack style to switch players to defensive styles on certain ranged weapons upon equipping.
  • Edgeville is now a permanent hotspot.

This is only the beginning, expect similar update logs everyday if not more! Thanks for being patient with us, we have a lot in store.


Mod Jacmob, 7, K4rn4ge

Near Reality Management Team