Near-Reality Downtime 22nd Jul, 2020 by Mod Jacmob Read on Forums

Hello Community Members of Near-Reality,

Shut down: July 23rd, 4PM EST

As many of you know, the launch was not what it was promised to be in part for many different reasons. It is up to me to no longer disappoint our loyal playerbase, we have to make changes, and we have to keep true to our word. In 24 hours, Near-Reality will be shutting down for an undetermined amount of time. We will be working on the everything that we promised, Raids, proper PKP and Bounty Hunter shops, Wilderness Drop Tables, World Boss, working Tournaments and so forth. We will not be coming back online until these things have been fulfilled. I have no intention of keeping Near-Reality down for a lengthy amount of time, but we will stay closed until we have completed, tested, and implemented every promise we made.

No accounts will be reset.

Near-Reality will NOT be back online until the following is completed;

  • Raids
  • World Boss
  • Pathing
  • Shops
  • Drop Tables
  • Blood Keys, Wilderness Key
  • Working Tournaments

I do not know the timeline but Arham and Optimum will be working daily to finish these necessary updates. We will also be posting up to date/weekly development blogs for you to look at during the time we are down. I know this may be upsetting to some, but there is simply not a reason for us to be online with so many problems and issues.

We will be back one day, and I very much look forward to it. If you have any questions or concerns myself and the staff team will be able to be contacted on Discord (Jacmob#4915)


Mod Jacmob

Near-Reality Management Team