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Hello everyone,


A lot of work has been going into the server behind-the-scenes, if you saw any of those client pop-ups today we believe we have finally gotten to the root of the problem of the majority of these disconnects (thank you all to those who reported them). A long with this, lagg should continue to improve, please let us know if any DCs or lagg continue to persist and we will resolve them. As I have been saying, once they are fixed we can push into content and mass bug fixes. We will have a large announcement coming soon. Anywho,

Game Updates

  • Dragon Warhammer Special Accuracy has been added (25% buff)
  • Hand Cannon damage has been nerfed by 5%
  • Killstreaks should FINALLY work
  • Webs in the wilderness should work as intended
  • Fixing a lot of issues with confirming dialogues
  • Removed tutorial for now, it was presenting a plethora of problems
  • Fixed items despawning (oversight on our part, this should all be fixed now)
  • Flamewall attacks in Raids should now despawn properly
  • Buffed Blowpipe to +40 Ranged Strength


This was a mass overhaul of our backend, and I hope it's the end of that. It's time to start moving onwards with content. Regardless, thank you all.


Mod Jacmob, Ryley, Karan, Optimum, K4rn4ge

Near Reality Management Team