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Hello everyone!

Today was quite an interesting one to say the least. We were made aware of an exploit, which was resolved and we were lucky enough to only have to rollback a total of 40 minute(s). We have been working for the past 24 hours getting today's update ready, solve this issue, and so forth. Regardless it's finally here, I can't thank you guys enough for being so patient! As we get through system by system, Near-Reality improves, and you will see everything will begin to become much more consistent, we are creating a foundation for Bloodlust and ALL future content. I know everyone wants 500+ players all the time, but right now we need to reflect and improve the server from it's foundation before moving forward. But.. without further ado,

Game Updates

  • Broadcast messages can now be dismissed by right-clicking the announcement and clicking the corresponding options.
  • A bug causing obelisks to be stuck in the 'activated' state has been fixed.
  • Granite maul spec can now be activated to spec on initial hit.
  • Right click on bank booths should display the 'Preset' option.
  • A bug causing objects spawned during The Nightmare's special attacks to stay on-screen when re-entering the arena has been fixed.
  • Wilderness Blood Keys are now always lost on death and will reflect on the Items Kept on Death interface
  • Uber Premium members can now utilize the book interface to select their desired Slayer tasks by speaking to their current Slayer master.
  • Fixed a bug allowing bounty targets to be assigned from the same IP.
  • Wilderness Blood keys will now teleblock you for five minutes and freeze you for 15 seconds.
  • An announcement will be shouted when a player drops or pickups a Wilderness Blood Key in the Wilderness.
  • Wilderness Blood Keys can no longer be banked.
  • A bug causing Fremennik kilt's be to stuck noted when banking has been fixed.
  • A bug allowing bounty emblem farming has been fixed. (These apply to other various PvP rewards)
  • A bug allowing you to clip through the Wilderness gate near Mage Bank has been fixed.
  • A bug causing The Nightmare to not take any damage after the first kill has been fixed.
  • Fixed various bugs with redeeming voting tickets.
  • Fixed a bug causing the husk effects to stay on you after leaving The Nightmare arena if you were the last player inside.
  • Fixed a bug causing the ::hp and ::spec commands to break for Legendary and Uber Premium members.
  • Reworked the accuracy and damage algorithms for the Twisted Bow to allow for better accuracy and damage scaling on mobs with higher magic stats.
    • Formulas work like OSRS, in CoX it has a different formula than other parts of PVM.
  • Wilderness Blood Keys will now drop on the ground if you are carrying one on logout.
  • Fixed an item smuggle method within FFA matches.
  • The coal rocks spawn within Resource Arena may now be mined.

As many of you know, we are now on weekly updates every Wednesday, this update came one day early so the rest of the update will happen tomorrow night. It's 5am currently, and we still have more testing to do, and I'm simply very tired. I know there are many other fixes we have implemented, and I'm sorry if we forgot any. But once again, thank you for being so patient with us!









Mod Jacmob, Heaven

Near Reality Management Team