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  2. Truth, That's really what it's all about, paying for devs when it comes down to it. I'm hoping we can get some quality of life updates before anything else. I hope we can all be on the same page (and I believe we are) and get several weeks of just qol updates to bring everything up to date. Either way you have to look at it yourself and see if its a worthy investment of your time and money. I personally would have been gone by now if i didn't think there was hope in righting the wrongs of previous launches.
  3. And this is super helpful feedback. It's the unfortunate 'reality' of this game. Solid response and this is what I figured would have been the case. The only "benefit" I see in donating to this "lagged" game, is by contributing it would help provide resources towards fixing said game.
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  5. Tbh just talk to Jacmob and check what the future of nr looks like, no player will be able to help you with that. It`s like investing in a company or in someone you trust, so the best way to do that, is to really absorb knowledge of all its perspective. For now, why would you invest in a private server which is so lagged, with so many lack of content and bugs all around? Risky af, but at the otherside, you can help developers get out of this situation with your money, up to you. I also love the game, but would never put my real life money into this for now. And also I`ve offered my t
  6. Hi everyone, Hope all is well for you guys, it's been a minute. Recently I have come across funds between my career/investments and have some disposable income I could apply to this server. I've been on NR since the original v7 client, and I would be open to contributing towards the continuation of this game that I've spent so many hours on. I've been itching to come back to NR, (to play in my spare time), and would love to donate towards the server to help keep things improving, however, I have doubts about returning and putting my funds into a game that they took down for a year pl
  7. im trying to figure out why u decided to screenshot this particular time XD
  8. +1 something needs to change ive been afk bank standing past few days
  9. Love the ideas, hate the pricing. Some are spot on, but most would crash the price for high-tier items by like 1000%. For example, a vesta piece would go from 5b to 3/4th the current cost of an Imbued cape, around 600m. @Mod Jacmob
  10. This would ruin the whole wildy tbh. But somewhere, I do agree. The pkers are looking to get more fights, not more loots for killing pvm'ers. That's just nonsense. Making the lime as shown in the thread 75k pkp, which is like 25 killstreak after 100(?), is absurd and why would ppl donate for that either. I agree shit has to be done (like always) on wildy, but don't keep increasing the rewards for killing pvm'ers, make it somewhere actually more worth it to actually battle someone (increase edge even more?)
  11. "Obelisks! Currently you can just click on the teleporter and go wherever it takes you, you should add a "Teleport to destination". This power can only be used by certain players with Elo Ratings of "1200" and above maybe?" Yeah lets just take away any chance to escape for people who dont want anything to do with you ruining the server by running around wildy as a gang, harassing new players just to farm pkp & drops.
  12. If admins/owner listens to anything from this thread it will kill the server, just go play spawnscape or something if you just want to PK, this post is so incredibly biased to fit your PK playstyle, its already trash for any and all of the pvm'ers who once in a while needs to go to wilderness, risking 0 loot and still getting chased & camped at any and all wildy tasks. You guys want even more rewards for killing people that dont fight back and risk nothing?, it makes no sense. If you kill somebody who is not fighting back, and risks nothing, you should get nothing for it. 0 pkp
  13. Lol i only got cape at 48kc rip
  14. I remember smiting someone back then for a ccb before school one morning. I was so excited lol. Im pretty sure it was like 200b+ back then for some reason.
  15. Damn dude that pet count looking juicy
  16. Why are pvm arenas so rare? mage gear need to be more sought after...
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