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  4. Skeagy's Intoduction

    hi skeagy
  5. Filter Game Chat

    +1 helpful to filter out unnecessary spam.

    pm shankii
  7. Filter Game Chat

  8. Skeagy's Intoduction

    hi bro
  9. Filter Game Chat

    totally agree +1
  10. Filter Game Chat

    This would be amazing, i find when im doing something like hydra my chat is flooded with all the prompts about his defences, makes it hard to keep ontop of any messages in chat +1
  11. #NOMERCY

    mumi you left us? :S
  12. Skeagy's Intoduction

    hi skeagy
  13. Yesterday
  14. Skeagy's Intoduction

    Hey nice intro !
  15. Jelles intro

    thanks for the compliment brotha
  16. Skeagy's Intoduction

    Whats up NR, I'm sure many of you have already seen me around the past month and a half or so, but either way its time to post an introduction. To start my name is Sam, I'm 22 years old and i'm currently earning a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Until I got hooked into NR once again, I was a grinding Apex Legends (Diamond 3) and Rocket League (Champion 1) on Xbox (XBL: Skeagy) My history with NR started in 2015 during the Chaos Realm era, when I was first introduced to the server by my older brother. I believe my IGN was xX Sam Xx, maybe you saw me around PVM'ing donator island, as that's about all I did. I've really been enjoying NR lately so if you see me in game, feel free to say hello or maybe even take me in a DH/No Arm fight at Edge. I figured it was finally time to post this introduction as i'm nearing in on that beautiful Completionist Cape. See y'all around!
  17. Time to farm drops

  18. Filter Game Chat

    Sounds good +1
  19. #NOMERCY

    Good luck ! Glad to see more clan activity !
  20. #NOMERCY

  21. Filter Game Chat

    okay +1
  22. #NOMERCY

    I dont know which clan to pay for entering wilderness now ?
  23. Filter Game Chat

    why not +1
  24. sale

  25. Jelles intro

    shut up roids fricken i bet your so swole you walk through doors sideways. loser.
  26. Jelles intro

    oh nononono
  27. Filter Game Chat

    i +1 this if its at the bottem of the todo list
  28. Filter Game Chat

    Right now, we currently have game chat either on or off. In OSRS there is a toggle to make it filtered so you don't have to see every message for every log that burns or every ore that is mined. You still get to see the important game messages. I think it would be cool if we could implement something similar.
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