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  2. First Gim with DHL?

    Mr claws u mean :3
  3. First Gim with DHL?

    Gz on u mr hydra tail
  4. Today
  5. First Gim with DHL?

    Bigg gzzz slider that is some insane rng!!
  6. GIM Season 4 Prize

    Good luck GIM's!!
  7. First Gim with DHL?

    ok dude
  8. First Gim with DHL?

    sadly i didnt sceen shot the 3rd hydra claw but i manage to take a photo using my phone l0l
  9. First Gim with DHL?

    grats. to make pictures so they aren't links you just need to paste them as BBcode (forum) links. but gz
  10. GIM Season 4 Prize

    gl all gim
  11. First Gim with DHL?

  12. GIM Season 4 Prize

  13. First Gim with DHL?

  14. First Gim with DHL?

    Gzz slider !
  15. First Gim with DHL?

    and if someone can edit the post so that gyazo is not a link but a small picture would be appreciated
  16. First Gim with DHL?

    Ok so slider has finally achieved the thing he was hunting at Hydra the CLAW can we not have some congratz for that? #The Magnificent! Ok so this happend.. he actually got it For real BACK 2 BACK! And on 20 kills later he got the 3rd! This rng is insane!
  17. GIM Season 4 Prize

    is it 50$ for each or is it split between the members? becouse you cant do much with 100 credits :'D
  18. GIM Season 4 Prize

    You get points as a team, 150k xp is a point, there’s points for killing bosses and total level contributes to points and the team with the most points at the end of each season wins
  19. GIM Season 4 Prize

    How does this GIM stuff work? What is the competition about.
  20. Scorch's Introduction

    nice rank srotch
  21. GIM Season 4 Prize

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Just a quick update on the GIM season rewards effective starting with the season beginning with the season starting May 28 and ending June 11, the first place prize will be $50 store credits per person on the team ($250 total). Flint Near Reality Management Team
  22. Complesionist cape accuired

    gz on finding ur virginity
  23. Buying Pernix Set

    hello ladies and gentleman, buying full pernix set for 9.5B cash. pm me in game if interested ID:Just Goofy
  24. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    Presset thé whrong button on my phone Lol i wanted to edit
  25. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    Maybe hellhound tasks are supposed to be rare because cerb Drops 3 bis items? I always do Boss Slayer and i get plenty of cerb tasks
  26. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    I think something like that sounds fair, it isn't asking too much and resolves the problem of the few people rarely getting hh tasks; however i do believe it should correlate with certain ranks. +1
  27. Daily Slayer Task Selection

    I think this is a decent idea. Scale the number of tasks you can pick with donator rank.
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