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  4. guess you missed the whole point of the post being about osnr?
  5. I will buy both for rs3 gold
  6. when will the osnr server be oout?


  7. You need di before you can claim die
  8. selling rs3 gold for ::die or ::di would rather have ::die
  9. just logged in after months and saw 7 players online xd .. GREAT UPDATE.. all the effort writing this post totally worth for those 7 players online
  10. add me in game always on i will buy 1 for nrgp
  11. your first looks to me when you started flaming in the chatbox about is who is this guy and why the hell is he talking shit for no reason? like come on bro whats all that for?
  12. raids from 2017... anything else that isn't from years ago.... fat fat walrus
  13. onion tomato potato this ramadude guy a weirdo big papa
  14. when did I ever ask u baboon
  15. @El Chap0 opinions?
  16. This goes to El chapo because all he does is hate on players like me. I started from 360m so you do the math buddy it only took 3 tries to max out, im successful unlike you. I hope this isn't against the rules for calling out names but el chapo wants me to show him how to make money easily.
  17. nice man, this server is dead bro lol
  18. Selling my Weed cape Pm me or comment offers.
  19. Please don't make the point system and divisor like osrs or raids will be dead content. I don't wanna do 30 solos to be on rate for a purple on an rsps.
  20. Chambers of Xeric Rally your comrades, muster your courage and take on the greatest challenge in Old School Near Reality! As promised, we will be having Behind the Scenes, Development Blogs for the following content; Chambers of Xeric, the Nightmare, Theatre of Blood and the Gauntlet. Each of these pieces have been in the works for many weeks now, and I want to show case each of them prior to launch as they are some pretty amazing systems in comparison to the NR317 game engine. Raids is near identical to OSRS, and will bring about gameplay like never before.
  21. Finally looks like a decent remake Nice I'll be back
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