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  1. Today
  2. the one time I wish something on nr really worked..
  3. This time I had it my way, Started out with 32m and ended up +369m
  4. nice, has resource area been fixed yet?
  5. Yesterday
  6. I am very old. Very Very old.
  7. I just logged in to check and I'm currently at 32 days and 1 hour playtime. Who beat me?
  8. Banker npcs still not working either :/
  9. level 74 just won hp event. Nice fucking update dummy.
  10. Added a minimum combat level of 110 in order to participate within the HP Event. That was a fail. lvl 74 just won hp event.
  11. any further buffs for tbow anticipated? I tested it at nex the other day and its max there was still like 70 something, even after the previous buff was announced, a far cry from its original 105 ish max a month ago
  12. Nice job. I'm pretty sure when I first made an account I went to ::44s etc. without wilderness warnings either though. Also the bankers still don't work.
  13. Your total play time may now be observed within your Quest journa Oh god
  14. HAHA STARDUST BOOST JUST FOR ZANDER LMAO, +1 on the chat cooldown too, CBA with it, ty Heaven
  15. Hey everyone, In preparation for a largely requested piece of content that I'll address later this week in a development blog, today's update covers a handful of fixes to address the quality of life of content as well as also applying buffs and nerfs to mechanics within other areas of content that have been frequently requested. Today's updates are: A prayer altar has been added to the high-risk pvp area. The use of protection prayers has been disabled within the Void tournament preset. Fixed a bug preventing the use of anchovy pizzas during the F2P
  16. Last week
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