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  2. [VID] #THE PRIDE Shit on PK RIOT

    i love this and i also love that spots clan members make bank at duel arena and spots tells him to give him all the money he made lmfaoo what a joke.
  3. Buying Dpins 07

    PM me ign: Drew Estate
  4. Today

    I mean not sure why you went through all this trouble to post 3 kill pics 1 being a dh fight. They're good kills but in every single scrn (besides dh) you 2v1'ed the guy you killed. I don't know if you could say they outnumbered you in these cases.
  6. [VID] #THE PRIDE Shit on PK RIOT

  7. Happy Birthday! @crucio

    Congratz @crucio

    Very nice

    Ever seen that movie 300? You know when the Spartans shit on the Persians for a while despite being outnumbered? ye well we the Spartans and the Pride are the Persians. Ty for the fights, bored of game now though. I have faith NR will grow again though so maybe we'll come back. (PS make sure you checkout previous thread "NR ANIMAL EXTERMINATORS" for full collection of beatdowns Plz fix pictures Moderators
  10. Happy Birthday! @crucio

    m8 i fkn appreciate it okay, but birthday was 6th match, not 6th april!
  11. Happy Birthday! @crucio

    why you bumping old topics ya bum
  12. Happy Birthday! @crucio

    @crucio Youre a big boy now you can pay for you own parties!
  13. Happy Birthday! @crucio

  14. Happy Birthday! @crucio

    Happy Birthday Crucio!
  15. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

  16. selling transfer device

    post or dm me here/ingame
  17. [VID] #THE PRIDE Shit on PK RIOT

    #Black Nans
  18. New Items?

    So you're saying that it's going to be pointless outdated content? Good to know.
  19. New Items?

    of course you'd want that, but is that balanced in terms of pvp?
  20. New Items?

    It should have stats close to ccb but not be valued at 10m I think nr's dumbest thing is having chaotics be valued at 10m. I want to be able to pk without my ccb proting over my korasi. I think the only way for the dcb to be worth using is if its alch value is below 500kish.
  21. New Items?

    But are the stats going to be better than the ccb or the acb?
  22. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    Is this where i can get a job?
  23. New Items?

    Dragon crossbow coming very soon.
  24. Pure presets on main

    P weird
  25. Withdraw Last

    Presets do this but is way faster wtf????????
  26. PK Riot-Now Recruiting

    do you accept irons if we got presets and returns ?
  27. Pure presets on main

    I have an alt for pure pking and i made it max cb at one point. My stats will be set to standard 83 cb lvl pure. When i use presets, it sometimes sets my account back to max cb. I then run into a 7 man clan in revs and lose my killstreak. Please fix this.
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