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  3. Wilderness chest idea.

    Go back to ikov ffs we don’t need a collectors necklace or wilderness keys. NR is fine the way it is
  4. #RAIN Clan Recruitment

    Username: stun Do you have discord w/ mic?(mandatory): yes Are you an experienced NHer?: Yes Rate yourself as an NHer 1-10: 9 Do you have any clan experience?: Yes, Legion, Dolphins, Fresh, BBE. OSRS and RSPS clans Have you been apart of any other Near-Reality clans, which?: BBE sadly due to my lack of self awareness Recruited by: Johansson
  5. double double-drops, ya heard

    damn nice ive never gotten a double drop
  6. Yesterday
  7. double double-drops, ya heard

    better start killing cows now for them limes
  8. selling DIE pins

    12m ur fee or 1b nrgp
  9. double double-drops, ya heard

    Chill dude but seriously, grate and start sharing the luck
  10. demons are my bitch

    Gz man lol
  11. double double-drops, ya heard

    Share I tb'd
  12. double double-drops, ya heard must of turned double drops on today xD
  13. demons are my bitch

    That’s some insane luck lol
  14. double double-drops, ya heard

    Nice man!
  15. Wilderness chest idea.

    This isn’t a terrible idea
  16. double double-drops, ya heard

    Share some luck with me! lol
  17. Nex - Things that SHOULD be changed.

    Good idea’
  18. demons are my bitch

    it's just there b/c Windows 10 or whatever. I don't use Skype
  19. cya, 2nd double-drop today Demonic Gorillas General G
  20. demons are my bitch

    Very cool, Kenny!
  21. when can we expect these?

    hahahaha +1
  22. demons are my bitch

    skype in 2k19 -.-
  23. demons are my bitch

    I like that hahahaha! Nice work Kenny
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