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  3. Selling pins [OSRS]

    11 in stock
  4. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Faster than that, right click, copy image url, paste, done.
  5. Zulrah's Issues

    I agree with flint
  6. call me mr 10k

    were can i kill them? asking for a friend :))
  7. Zulrah's Issues

    It’s still very simple if you know what you’re doing though. Pathing is my main concern because it bothers me at sire also. It’s just a minor inconvenience to have to manually move lol
  8. Zulrah's Issues

    So I recently came from osrs and I understand some bosses are new here but this is a staple one. -Zulrah- The three major issues I've noticed are : 1. Acid Aoe. Currently, Zulrah can use this ability many times during the fight seemingly at random. However, it should use it on the very first phase, and the spawn after JAD phase. Also the MELEE form can use it, usually on map side transitions. Basically it's restarting it's cycle when it uses the acid in osrs. Which allows the player to be on the proper side, and not run through acid every single form change. 2. Snakelings. Currently, Zulrah is spawning 4-5 snakelings every single form change, or fairly close. It should spawn 2-4 every once in awhile. Usually during range form (At the end of the attacks before it changes form) - not positive on the frequency but it feels incredibly high here compared to osrs. 3. Ranged pathing issues. Often when you are out of range of your weapon it will not do anything, you won't move. Sometimes even if zulrah seems behind a pillar, you won't move. You should be auto pathed into range of your weapon.
  9. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    very impressive, nice job!
  10. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Sick Ironman bro, keep it up!
  11. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    Some very critical points. I agree with the cash flow into the game. however disagree with your other points. How can there be too many staff? The aim is to cover all the time zones and ensure we have staff on at all times.
  12. call me mr 10k

    Your luck is unreal!
  13. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    This progress is mad! Keep it up pal, you definitely have that Iron Man luck!
  14. Bank atm o.o (very poor)

    9 pet ( 3moles ) damn nice i have played since 1st july and no pet hand over my pet
  15. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Very nice man
  16. call me mr 10k

    Daaaamn lucky boy! Congrats mate
  17. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Nice work mate! Looking forward to more updates :] keep it up fella!
  18. call me mr 10k

    how much they go for?
  19. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Wow that is so impressive
  20. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Good work man! You've made alot of progress for 3 weeks!
  21. Last week
  22. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Hey that’s pretty good
  23. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Nice glad it worked out
  24. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Thanks worked out good
  25. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Nice progress I use imgur to upload pictures >Just upload a picture >Hover Picture and click 3 dots >Click on Share links option >Copy the forums one >Paste the link on your thread
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