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  2. Forfeit Post.

    HAHAHAHA! Get that fang sold anyway, Last i saw a Tsotd selling it was 1b, Who knows now though.
  3. Forfeit Post.

    Lmfao this is the best thing I've ever read.
  4. Forfeit Post.

    So. I and Leader V1 decided to make Zulrah interesting by having a competition for the first person to achieve any fang as a drop. Leader V1 Won within 5 kills of starting said competition so here is your paragraph. I met Leader V1 at the King Black Dragon's on ::DI. He seemed really low due to camping these dragons for 3 days attempting to achieve their heads. As i approached this man, I immediately felt intimated by his presence. I felt that I wanted to attack one of the dragons that where free, but if I did he would destroy my soul with just the flick of his little finger. I stood in awe as I watched him destroy these dragons like they where a bowl of cereal to a hungry morning man. I tried to compare myself to him, but it was like comparing a grain of dirt to the planet Jupiter. I think I am in love, But i don't know how to tell this man how I feel. I will continue to watch him, as he graces the world of NR and I shall walk in his footsteps, hoping to achieve some of his greatness, If that could be possible. Congratulations xD -- Pets
  5. Flux Recruitment Thread

    ye buddy, added ya
  6. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    Nice looking forward to your progress [ check out my comp guide if u want some tips for comp ;[] ]
  7. First Comp Cape?

  8. Today
  9. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    That's really nice of you being a normal player at the same time. Goodluck brother!
  10. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    *wins own event*
  11. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    good luck brother!
  12. Hey guys, I thought it would be fun in my free-time to obtain the Completionist Cape on my iron man 'Fe Jacmob'. I'll be in-game for a few hours a day so don't hesitate to come and skill/hang out. I'll be posting progress pictures and I progress through the game. I have decided to do this to learn more about Near-Reality itself, find bugs, and see issues at face value. Anywho, July 18th, 2019 I'll try and update this once a day. Wish me luck!
  13. Hell that's incredible that you're documenting everything! Good luck on these brother!
  14. Road to 100 Slayer Tasks (In Progress)

    Very nice log, good luck!
  15. First Comp Cape?

    Dang, insane amount of time to get it that fast!
  16. Ez money! good luck on drops!
  17. Yesterday
  18. First Comp Cape?

    well done sir
  19. Pet Benefits

  20. First Comp Cape?

    Its summer...? Lmao and I have online classes but I know how to manage my time.
  21. Flux Recruitment Thread

  22. higher donating

    can we get a $600 option and a $1000 option?
  23. Climbing

    Sorry for double posting, I’m doing this on my phone! Yeah man, luckily for me that’s one thing I’ve never been afraid of. I’m afraid of stupid stuff like spiders and moths hahaha. It’d be a super fun way for you to try and overcome your fears! There are gyms and things that are super accommodating towards new climbers, and they’ll make you feel really safe too. It’s a good workout and a lot of the people you meet are really chill.
  24. Climbing

    It can be dangerous, but a lot of the danger comes from attempting things that you lack the knowledge to do. There are still risks, like falling improperly even on a rope you can hurt yourself. I don’t solo in the sense you’re thinking; I don’t climb without a rope unless it’s bouldering. Bouldering is usually under 15 feet and you fall onto a pad. There are rating systems, and the most widely used is called the Yosemite Decimal System, or YDS. It ranks climbs starting at a 5.0, or 5 easy. That’s describing a wall that is steep enough both hands and feet must be continually used to climb, and a fall on a rating even this low has a high chance of resulting in death. From here the climbs move up to 5.1-5.9 +/- which signify increasing difficulty the higher the number. Once it reaches 5.10 the rating adds a letter: 5.10a, 5.10b, 5.10c, and 5.10d. It continues that way until 5.16d, which is currently the hardest rock climb in the world, only completed by one climber. His name is Adam Ondra, and if you want to see him climbing it, search ‘silence 5.16d’ and you’ll be able to see the whole thing. It’s pretty sick, and mind-blowing when you wrap your head around the fact he’s climbing on a roof for like ~10 minutes.
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