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  1. So this happened

  2. Revamp/redoing NR

    Love all these suggestions, in addition to noted barrows drops I'd also love for the drop rate to be increased a bit as well. Barrows should really hold no value outside of brand new players getting started.
  3. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    +1 to the +1 to the -1
  4. Loot from ~5000 elite clues

    Loot from ~5000 elite clues, tickets are from the cash over max Unique items: Other items:
  5. Return of Artur

  6. Return of Artur

    Oh great this guy again

    whoever gets paired up against luckybamf is lucky bc ez win
  8. 1800Downed for Admin

    I think luckybamf would be a good admin too
  9. Forums Ranks

    Thank you Torn, very cool!
  10. broke computer(started working)

    Put it in rice
  11. Mithril's Resignation

    Take care my dude was cool having you around xoxo
  12. Lime Whip *

    I think if you're doing bosses in the wildy, you either should use a regular lime or just accept that risk.
  13. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    It is disappointing I agree, but have to keep in mind that NR isn't torn, or any of the staff member's #1 priority. They all have jobs outside of NR, friends, family and maybe just wanna play something else for a bit. I think it's more fair to delay it and do it properly then rush and do it and potentially cut corners for the sake of time.
  14. Lottery Drawing Date Move

    Man ya'll really get so butthurt over pointless shit. The lottery was done before and it went fine, if torn had issues to take care of and had to delay it then that's more than fine. The lottery is still 100% fair in my opinion and ya'll just trying to stir the pot over nothing. All I see are comments of people being pissed off, rather than an understanding some people have a life outside of running a game.
  15. The time has come

    Farewell comrade

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