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  1. its mafia

    eggs dee
  2. worst nher "harp"

    dude ur worse than me on my worst day of birding S M H!11
  3. worst nher "harp"

    I could beat you with my left nut kid smh smh
  4. Review Moder magic

    Inject some English to your veins and try that again
  5. NH

    no you

    It's a gnome, isn't it?
  7. Vh joins thk but still get clapped

    sorry double post kid
  8. Vh joins thk but still get clapped

    Wanna make a team called "Dalton is fat"?
  9. "Scorpio" Wasted 12 Years..

    ur big nob
  10. e-kits thoughts

    go farm elemental water nerd
  11. Wildy Monsters

    It is if the server is DEAD or DYING... jaloviina nerd
  12. I die a lot

    What you gonna lose the sets to? The skeletons?
  13. New Manager and Communtity Manager

    Jaloviina has rotten ur brain NERD
  14. Where my old timers at?

    I lurk
  15. The Future

    hi boi

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