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  1. We the Players

    I mean I could just code in new drop tables for monsters people are complaining about, add in/remove stuff on the donator islands, update the server messages, and all the smaller to do/quality of life things if they'd let me.
  2. Planned Maintenance - 4th September 2019

    Sounds good!
  3. NR Player age poll

    24. Oh my I've been here for a long time now lol.
  4. Donator status

    I would just message an Advisor+. I heard the system kind of sucks right now for refunds. Good luck
  5. Donator status

    It depends on how long ago it was as long as it's under the NR.
  6. Shooting Star Guide

    Thank you!!!
  7. Shooting Star Guide

    Hi can I use your guide and some of the information on the wiki? I just wanted to ask for permission before.
  8. Near-Reality Staff Updates | July 15th, 2019

    Think you forgot my dev there m8
  9. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    I think more so towards people with access to ldi and rdi but it's no biggie.
  10. So who's here from before 2015?

    since 2008
  11. Finally MAXED

  12. Allow use of coins in the trading post

    Yup would like to see that implemented.
  13. Once again pking has been failed

    The best time ever in NR history is when barrows weren't hard to get. They shouldn't be so hard to get this isn't osrs. You can still risk other stuff then barrows too... I see people get great items literally every 15 minutes from pking from random drops, so I don't know what you mean there either. I respectfully disagree sorry man
  14. So you want RDI

    Damn I want it
  15. Game Updates 13.0.6 | 3rd July 2019

    Sounds good! Thank you

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