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  1. Wiki editors

  2. Wiki editors

    Can confirm. But if this happens I want my 1000000T for all I did on it hahaha. Jk prob best to just give them an ingame rank/title and cool untradeable cape they get to keep forever.
  3. ham rules

    Haha nice man! congrats
  4. Armor Dyes

    Trimming all armour for free PM me
  5. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    I haven't played at all. So I wouldn't know. I just assumed considering his original post and all the other players that were complaining too. So
  6. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Is there a proper functioning bug testing team that can ensure the developers work before it hits the public? I’m assuming no if there’s that many bugs with the releasing of content. I can definitely get why you’re frustrated with content coming out and it being riddled with bugs.
  7. Vote Events?

    Bump. Worked pretty well back in the day with the old system. Def got me to vote if I forgot / didn't feel like it.
  8. Cruz's Resignation

    Yikes. Shouldn't be unbanned. Soft management for unbanning someone who is already a known idiot + that shit.
  9. Jimba's retirement

    Uhm am I not fun???
  10. Jimba's retirement

    Congrats and good luck man!
  11. Mraussienoob is no more.

    Congrats man!!
  12. Scorch4Vet

    eh hahahahahahahahahahahaha hi dylan
  13. Staff update - November 1st

  14. Question about accounts

    The server is currently down until December 1st. They will be relaunching it on that date. Read that thread for more information.
  15. Relaunch Updates | 26th October 2019

    Very nice man keep up the nice work!

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