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  1. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well in that case, disregard what I said xd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    I think it’s for the combat levels, not actual gear/inventory In the past you could lower your combat levels with presets, dodging the 5 min cool down from being in da wildy. @crucio might know more though
  3. Staff Update 2/4/20

    I’m proud of you my son
  4. Staff Update 2/4/20

    Congrats on promotions idiots, especially Flint. He’s the biggest nerd. gg no rm uimpsy
  5. What's up?

    Welcome old mate!
  6. Just @crucio

  7. Game Updates | 29th January 2020

    Thanks for saying it how it is, respekt to you Ham. Ily long time.
  8. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    You are a shit fucking player. In my opinion which I'm entitled to.
  9. bandos drop suggestion

    Seeing sad makes me unnoted 1+
  10. Iku sat

    Lmaoo you’re not wrong warning for spam loc? Or a forums ban would be fitting xd
  11. Iku sat

    Imagine quoting each reply individually instead of 3 at a time smh dumb ass mod.
  12. 10k kc

    That is extremely impressive, looking forward to the tormented demons! Good luck gamer.
  13. shmeee mee shmoo mooo

    That’s a very strange glitch, I hope the devs can get it fixed ASAP. p.s El chap0 is a nerd.
  14. the un-Perm-banning of fred

    +1 keep him banned
  15. Jimba's retirement

    Life works in mysterious ways.

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