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  1. Dpins

    Closed due to OP request.
  2. 1800downed's away time

    All ways here for you daddydowned. I hope things start turning for the better and I’m sure you’ll be back amongst the team and community before we know it! Much love!
  3. Brace Of Etherum

    This is a good suggestion! +1
  4. Just @crucio

  5. Just @crucio

  6. [Near] Reality Check

    This is probably one of the most impressive things I’ve read.
  7. A Wasted Vork Head

    Still as wise as ever Jbaikie! We were brainstorming some ideas today actually, I am quite excited
  8. A Wasted Vork Head

    I would have assumed an ex manager would know an admin when he sees one, but to clear this up; Yes I am an admin.
  9. A Wasted Vork Head

    Pretty dope looking helmet tbh! I hope it gets some much needed love to make it somewhat on par with the other 3 slayer helmets. Congrats though I guess o.O
  10. Hello NR members, This staff update comes with some big changes, I will keep it short and simple. First of all, Paganesque has resigned to Legendary premium This is only a tempory resignation, she is dealing with some health issues that require her full attention, I have no doubt she will be back once her health allows her to be, we wish her all the best and send her all our love. She will be greatly missed until she returns. Kevin has resigned to Legendary premium Spank has resigned to Legendary premium Sandbaloon has resigned to Legendary premium All of these beautiful people have different reasons for leaving the team but we wish them all the best of luck. Now for some happier news, Cruz has been promoted to Global Moderator 1hitncya has been promoted toServer Support Cruz has been doing good work as a moderator so it's time for him to move up the ranks. 1hitncya would be a pretty familiar name to most people as he was once a moderator many moons ago, we look forward to seeing what he brings to the team. Oh and Mraussienoob has been promoted to Administrator, Dumb nerd. Mraussienoob Near-reality noob.
  11. Turquoise Slayer Helm Powers?

    TSH does not function like the Elysian spirit shield, who ever gave you that information is completely untrue. The source of my information is that I was staffermeme when the tsh was released into the game, I have answered this very same question 100’s of times, it was simply an item that was needed to be combined into the ultimate slayer helm (an item which is no longer in game) TSH still acts as a full slayer helm giving the chance to double your hit, but as far as unique effects of slayer helms it has none. Hope this helps to clear it up mate :]
  12. Slayer Pet & Wildy Tasks?

    No you can’t obtain the slayer pet from wilderness slayer. No the slayer pets effect does not work for wilderness slayer tasks.
  13. Turquoise Slayer Helm Powers?

    Well it would seem you do know what it does lol It doesn’t have anything special like the other 3 slayer helmets, it was introduced as a requirement for making the ultimate slayer helmet when that was in game. Compare the stats in the item search and you’ll notice it is a lot higher in defence bonuses, problemo solvedo.
  14. Selling Ava's Assembler

    Closed due to the sale being made.
  15. Good jokes?

    My turn!

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