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  1. Dicing Rank?

    A dice rank potentially infront of someones name Like "Dice Host Gambla" Would be a great idea as it shows you've actually bought the dice rank as well as you're open and free when you choose to, So anywhere someone can ask you to host and if you're available to do so you can.
  2. There's a first for everything

    Damnnn that RNG Dude
  3. Price Guide

    F Lets hope you make it all back man keep us updated.
  4. If only I could have my stuff back.

    You'll get it all back eventually just stick to the grind man
  5. Selling 07 gp .88 cents a m

    Being as you are an Advisor any chance you could advise @Torn67 to consider unbanning me plox

    Again double vote points weekend, Votes help the server by players seeing our server on the top lists and joining up!
  7. Selling Bare Shit

    Nah on my chest
  8. Double voting points

    Any staff members that can comment? if this could be a possibility at all? Hopefully it can be as it would help the players as well as the number coming in. Maybe try it coming up to this weekend? I dont see any harm to it over the weekend and see if we get anywhere.
  9. Double voting points

    Yeah what he said just dish out 50-60b items ^xD
  10. Integrity

    Don't cry diego
  11. FENDI - Official Graphics Store

    Hey man, Can you drop me a PM or Drop your discord here im also intrested in your services.
  12. Double voting points

    So recently looking at near reality on places such as runelocus etc.. We're not looking to good as of votes i'd like to suggest for maybe a week or less we dish out x2 voting points for those who vote, Maybe a bad idea but could be good as the more up there we are the more players are going to see our server. 2x voting points i mean no one is going to turn that down surely, Let me know what you think would this be a good or bad idea? Note: This will be for a week or less, Unless @Staffermen choose to extend it. Or even if they decide to do a double voting point week at all.
  13. Selling 07/Rs3 gp

    Very cheap competitive prices also!
  14. My time has come

    See you around man!
  15. DROP PIN

    If you still need one friday ill see what i can do for you.

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