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  1. Completionist Cape Guide

    This is impressive indeed rEe3e333eeee
  2. Hello. I was kind of wondering how hard it would be to synchronize the music database from osrs to Near Reality! This way the players can achieve a maximum feeling of nostalgic runescape... If it's too hard, I'd suggest to get just a few songs in there and let them play all over the fields. Another idea: The achievements There's currently 4 types of achievements; Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite. I would love to see more people grind for them and that's why it would be nice to have some extra's in there. Wouldn't it be nice to get: Easy task: Mystery box Medium task: (3x?)Mystery box Hard task: Super Mystery box Elite: Legendary mystery box Just throwing out some ideas!
  3. So who's here from before 2015?

    Old schooler here!
  4. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  5. Economy, Lotto, Dicing

    +1, nice idea of having a safety net. Would be good to have a stable economy for long term. Though, after a few months the "lotto" items will probably be everywhere.
  6. Ability to check task

    +1 support, I always forget bringing the gem haha
  7. Allow use of coins in the trading post

    Yes please! Keeps away all the spam of selling d bones etc.

    Shoutout to Javi, came to steal some kills and promised me a lava. Nothing lied! Thanks a bunch!!

  10. Game Updates | 5th July 2019

    What were the actual rewards for having a (example) 50 killstreak?
  11. Double XP command

    I think loads of players are wondering how long and if their double xp from voting is counting. It would be very nice to see something like a command that's shows in screen the time of the double xp left or if that's too hard, just a message it's on.
  12. Finally MAXED

    Thanks all!
  13. Finally MAXED

    Thanks friends
  14. Finally MAXED

    Took a bit longer than planned, but there I am!
  15. Vet rank LOC

    VeT RanK PlOx

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