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  1. What's up?

    The lord & savior of NR has arrived
  2. Ironman Store

    You chose this life & now you must suffer..... I support this idea but I'd be interested in hearing what other ironmen think about this.
  3. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    Time to get that divine sigil!
  4. Iku sat

    How does one die to Cause Havok? ....We'll never know...
  5. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Sick, I love it.
  6. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

  7. shmeee mee shmoo mooo

    It was a devious plan just to get some post count all along
  8. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Render: Howl's moving castle (the house from the outside) or the Catbus from Ghibli, preferably one that looks like the original animation.Text: PrioxideSecondary Text: Worst Stafferman 2020Main Color(s): Any color's fine as long as it somewhat fits in with the render.Secondary Color(s): Your choice, anything that fits.Size: 700x300 If you can make something like that happen, it would make my day.
  9. Jimba's retirement

    FeelsGoodMan & FeelsBadMan
  10. Few Suggestions

    I'm all for that - we do need to implement some changes to increase wilderness activity. Also thanks for constantly updating the suggestions thread, we've discussed about about a lot of things noted here & will be taking action. I won't be saying which ones as that would spoil the surprise for the next updates thread
  11. Skotizo Boss / Purple slayer

    Moved to suggestions from general discussion. Also +1 to Uh ur downed.
  12. Mraussienoob is no more.

    A tragedy either way.
  13. Game Updates | 5th January 2020

    I think everyone will enjoy the 10 second timer update

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