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  1. Buying 2 dpins 07gp

    Quitting 07 have 6m left, buying 2 dpins 2.7m ea my fee! I'll be on friday morning approx 11 am EST. PM ME
  2. Can't get on forums or play client

    How would i go about that? Its definetly something to do with my network.. Cause if i have my WIFI enabled on my phone it wont load either i have to use my data.
  3. All of a sudden this morning my PC wont let me Log ingame it loads fine [the client] then says error connecting to server.. Tried deleting and reinstalling but webpage wont load. Says its unable to load and took too long to respond Cant connect.. Restarted pc twice and router. Ran CCLEANER deleted cookies and history and shit and still doesnt work.... Any ideas? All OTHER WEBPAGES WORK.. REEEEE

  5. THK Continue Devouring Rain...............


    Damn ill have to miss it busy all.weekend. Congrats though!
  7. Abyssal Dagger (op btw)

    Selling my beautifully hand crafted abyssal dagger for a whopper of a price, only 1b!!!!! Gimmi gimmi. Ill be on in 3 hours to claim ur geepees
  8. Selling occult

    Ill.give ya a dollar
  9. Pointless Title.. We Know What Happened....

    Geegee bb
  10. #THK - Team Hello Kitty!

    I better already be signed up shit bird.
  11. Trading Post sale

  12. Scorch's Introduction

    Fk u scorch
  13. Trading Post sale

    Got a decent sale going on in my Trading Post " Pker control" decent items with low prices! Get them before they're all gone!!!
  14. 300B Stake

    Gimmi Gimmi gz man
  15. Focus Sight

    Im selling my focus sight for a whoppingly low.price of 495m In the trading post! Yoink it before its gone!

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