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  1. sorry kevin

    Insane luck, nice!
  2. Flux Recruitment Thread

    Ign: Nvee Timezone: -5 GMT Do you have discord/mic(Mandatory): Yes Provide a picture of your return sets Mage/Range: Don't have any, but can get them quite easily. Do you prefer to pk with Range tank or Mage?: I can do either Do you have any previous clanning experience?: No, but I'm a quick learner Do you have a referral from a member+?(Elite+ will be an auto accept): Nope. Tell us a little about yourself: I'm 22 (23 next week), work 4 days a week 10 hours a day. I like both pking and pvming, currently I'm working on getting comped out ingame. Used to play NR a long while back, and I'm super excited to see it's making a comeback.
  3. Wilderness Resource Area

    Sick guide! I just finished using this for all the major hard skilling achievements.
  4. Sixth Sense.

    Nice loot, and sick call hahaha.
  5. Climbing

    Sorry for double posting, I’m doing this on my phone! Yeah man, luckily for me that’s one thing I’ve never been afraid of. I’m afraid of stupid stuff like spiders and moths hahaha. It’d be a super fun way for you to try and overcome your fears! There are gyms and things that are super accommodating towards new climbers, and they’ll make you feel really safe too. It’s a good workout and a lot of the people you meet are really chill.
  6. Climbing

    It can be dangerous, but a lot of the danger comes from attempting things that you lack the knowledge to do. There are still risks, like falling improperly even on a rope you can hurt yourself. I don’t solo in the sense you’re thinking; I don’t climb without a rope unless it’s bouldering. Bouldering is usually under 15 feet and you fall onto a pad. There are rating systems, and the most widely used is called the Yosemite Decimal System, or YDS. It ranks climbs starting at a 5.0, or 5 easy. That’s describing a wall that is steep enough both hands and feet must be continually used to climb, and a fall on a rating even this low has a high chance of resulting in death. From here the climbs move up to 5.1-5.9 +/- which signify increasing difficulty the higher the number. Once it reaches 5.10 the rating adds a letter: 5.10a, 5.10b, 5.10c, and 5.10d. It continues that way until 5.15d, which is currently the hardest rock climb in the world, only completed by one climber. His name is Adam Ondra, and if you want to see him climbing it, search ‘silence 5.16d’ and you’ll be able to see the whole thing. It’s pretty sick, and mind-blowing when you wrap your head around the fact he’s climbing on a roof for like ~10 minutes.
  7. Climbing

    I climb still, started ~3 years ago and I really enjoy it. I wish I had more time off to do it, but it's something I really enjoy.
  8. Climbing

    xD Why'd you stop? Was it something you did b/c of your dad, or just don't have the time?
  9. Looks pretty sick, nice work guys
  10. Climbing

    Does anyone here rock climb?
  11. Been grinding since July 1

    Nice loot, and grats!
  12. Finally done

    Congrats! Are you gonna start the grind for comp?
  13. Account Security Event Winners

    Congrats guys!
  14. i'm looking to buy 10 dpins

    If you convert them, you're looking at 13.2-15.4b depending on how much you sell them for. Currently pins go for around 1.2-1.4b

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