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  1. ::Di & ::DIE Change

    The only problem I have is allowing people who didn't donate the rdi+ rank.
  2. My journey for KBD head

    lmfao unlucky. wheres the caysh drops
  3. boss teleport command

    What a guy.
  4. Thanks for the updates!
  5. bandos drop suggestion

    Yes pls +1
  6. Jimba's retirement

    Grats on the contract man and I hope everything goes well for you!
  7. Drop tables

    Both, I think there can be updates made on both sides.
  8. Drop tables

    No need to be a dick! I have to work sometimes buddy, was in the middle of making the post when I had to leave You really don't have to comment if you have nothing useful to say.
  9. Drop tables

    Hey everyone, there are quite a few bosses right now that have pretty underwhelming drop tables compared to other bosses. I spoke with some others who also think this is the case, so I wanted to start a thread to address that. It makes sense to me that the drop tables of a monster should coincide with the difficulty / time consumption of killing that boss/npc. I'll start a list here of some bosses that should probably get an upgraded drop table, as well as drops and rates. Please feel free to post any additions/suggestions you feel are REASONABLE. I will check back daily and update as more suggestions are added. Vorkath (I'm also fairly sure this drop table is bugged, the rate you receive antifires is extremely disproportionate to other drops) - 1/5 20x rune platelegs (760k) - 1/5 20x rune platebody (720k) - 1/25 3x overloads - 1/150 2k noted rocktails Thermonuclear Smoke Devil - 1/25 1k blood runes (1412k value) - 1/25 1k death runes (1057k value) - 1/100 10M coins - 1/2k death talisman - change dchain to 1/350 - remove tinderbox drop - remove 23k coins/tinderbox/rune battle axe/rune scim/rune dagger drops - move mystic items from hydra to here Abyssal Sire - 1/2k blood talisman - 1/15 5 noted uncut dstones (1527k value) - 1/15 1x whip - 1/15 1x fury amulet - 1/20 2k blood runes (2824k value) - 1/20 2k death runes (2114k value)
  10. Bandos Avatar update

    Seems a bit fucked that the worst agreed upon island gets a nerf. Makes sense to nerf the boss, afk and safespotting is stupid. To not have any updates for the island after doing so seems a bit shortsighted. Why do the players who have supported the server the most take a hit to an already garbo island? At least find some updates to add; make the island worth while.
  11. Game Updates 13.0.19 | 10th December 2019

    Nice update mayne, long time coming.
  12. Petition to remove Bandos Avatar

    The island is dog piss with the exception of bandos ava. Remove it may as well remove the entire island.
  13. Relaunch information - Change of date

    Good call! Thanks for the heads up early, and ensuring the server is where you guys want it to be before launch.

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