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  1. Game Updates | 21st January 2020

    Ehhh ight. Idk why Divine Sigil isn't replacing the Divine Spirit Shield it's self in the drop table for corp... big fail. Another thing is make the Divine SS 1 gp value similar to the Elysian. My reasoning for this is because lets say someone is doing wildy slayer and I want to PK them I won't get the Divine SS but if it was vice versa and I was doing Wildy Slayer with my Elysian I would lose it due to 1 gp value...... NTY?? The Rare Frag store is weak as fuck, no one wants to turn in there items for shitty cosmetics in that shop. Lets be real The Rare Frag store has not been syncing items like it should be. Big F. In my opinion which im entitled to.. this was a shit fucking update yet again.

    Ye sure I'm in.
  3. Multiple Skill Pets

    Just be able to trade in extra pets for rare frags would be nice. IMO only thing I support ^.
  4. Weekend Events - Jan 17th 2020

    Nice, finally looking forward to these.
  5. @whoever re added cele staff

    Lol...... damn *shrugs*
  6. Tradable Infernal Poll

    I'm with it being tradeable. To be honest it really wouldn't affect the Eco in my eyes and I say that because it's just a damn cape. Get over yourselves it's still kept on death. Do you really care about the 'next guy' who has an Infernal cape. Add Infernal Cape to the Bounty Hunter Store & PKP SHOP .... (Bounty points & PKP) would be decided up to staff (please make this a reasonable amount). Do NOT make another boss drop this cape, we have Gano & Bandos Avatar for that. We don't need another dead content boss focus on other things. Pretty much all I got at this moment until I edit.
  7. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    I understand brother @Cruz been there as well.
  8. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    @Arham Trust me bro I can vouch and say your updates are very far from buggy. He doesn't even play the server so don't mind him, continue on with your work which is appreciated by all of us. We understand what goes on BTS and understand you are just the messenger \ dev.
  9. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Lol I have so much to say to that brother but
  10. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    For one it's not shitting on staff members, for two I did my time to input suggestions and they still didn't make it into live game until after the fact I spoke up and made this "rant". This "rant" has a lot of feedback that you and your fellow staff team could take into consideration. & yes you are correct I out of anyone do know that real life issues come up and people do get busy, there's a reason I stated in my post to just resign if there's no time or if people are burnt out. Hurting the server more than helping it. If people are busy in real life and don't have the time or effort to commit in-game or behind the scenes how is testing being done, bug fixes, how are you guys working in groups to bring these updates into the game if theres about 3-4 active staff. -Spank
  11. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Refer to the last section on my post. The staff team is some what responsible for the majority of testing for bugs. Aka there is no staff.
  12. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    @Arham Below is what we will be working on over the next 4 weeks. Raids Trading Post re-vamp Placeholders Presets Online store re-vamp Vote store re-vamp Drop tables re-vamp Weekly Rare store re-vamp 1 OSRS content addition (pending poll) Bug fixes etc. That was quoted by Mod Jacmob on November 7th of 2019. Raids still waiting (I understand Dread's missing took a major setback with this). Placeholders done. Presets done. Online store re-vamp? Where is this Vote Store re-vamp.... 6 years later Drop tables re-vamp yeah it takes some time. Weekly rare store re-vamp-- still isnt item syncing as good as it should be. 1 OSRS content addition (pending poll)... What polls? Bug fixes etc.... not really
  13. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    Did you actually just comment on this post without reading the full thing ? The main point of this post is rushed updates that aren't being tested. Another main point of this topic is the fact we have listed so many QoL updates that could be brought into the game and we get little bullshit updates like this that aren't even 110%.
  14. To be honest I am quite annoyed with the recent updates as they are all rushed just to get some content out and not even being reviewed correctly. For example you re-added Primal & Prom to Hope Devourer + Bulwark Beast. I got a drop for Primal kiteshield which announced. I got a Primal Platelegs drop which didn't announce and I almost missed the drop. In the past it was announced to the game server upon drop. This isn't the only issue, you have missing drop announcements for a lot of items in-game. For example, Steel Partyhat, Transfer Device, Saradomin's Light and whatever items I can't think of right now. These have all been brought to your attention and they still haven't been fixed. My point is you're repeating the same careless mistakes that could be fixed within an hour or so? I'm not a developer but I'm sure QoL fixes can be done in a timely fashion manner. (Huge list of suggestions that was probably ignored). Instead of going through the suggestions, we have decided to re-add old content and make it seem like new content and still failed to test it properly. Raids has been on hold since July 1st of 2019 where is the raids? PKing, clipping, the whole combat system needs a re-work. To the staffers who I see online everyday doing your thing keep it up. To those of you who sign in for 1 hour a day and host a FFA event here and there then log off. Please resign we don't need you. You're hurting the server more than helping it. Some of you just AFK, don't interact with the community at all and just seem burnt out by all of it. Remembering the days when there was weekly events of trivia, headhunter events for the wilderness, jugg events, hns, scavenger hunts.... not just log in and do a FFA ... that's not being a staff member. You have commands... learn to use them for the fun and great of the server. Rant over thanks. If you feel offended by this post, if the shoe fits wear it. Anyone who knows me knows I keep it blunt and have no filter.

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