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  1. What are the plans right now?

    Looking forward to what you can bring to the table Ben.
  2. Rabbis retirement

    Sorry to see you go Rabbi, hope all works out for you!
  3. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    Lovely updates per usual! Keep em coming.
  4. I've discussed this with a few players in the community and wanted to get a more major outlook on this idea. Add Turmoil + Soul Split to the normal prayer book. Get rid of the curses prayer book in one.
  5. Game Updates | 12th August 2019

    Great work! The future keeping looking brighter & brighter!
  6. Tournaments

    Very nice, can't wait for these tournaments =) !
  7. Tooth halve keys

    I've experienced the same issue myself. We will be looking into this!
  8. Near-Reality Events 26/07-28/07

    Giving this thread a bump for my Friday events!

    LOL. Still laughing at this man, I support!
  10. Game Updates 13.0.9 | 24th July 2019

    Very nice updates! Much appreciated.
  11. Safe Pk Practice Arena

    I like the sound of this. Especially the clan wars portal for future clan battles!
  12. 1kc Dragon kite

    Lmao yeah share your RNG thanks.
  13. Game Updates | 21st July 2019

    Thanks for the updates!
  14. Game Updates | 20th July 2019

    Sweet work, loving it!
  15. Finally got the pet!


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