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  2. STAFF UPDATE [2/4/2018]

    So you're saying there is not one motivated staff member? Alrighty then lol
  3. STAFF UPDATE [2/4/2018]

  4. STAFF UPDATE [2/4/2018]

    Hello members of the Near Reality community!I am pleased to announce the following change to the staff team: Nade joining the team as Community Manager I'd like to congratulate Nade on becoming our newest addition to the team and taking over a very important role on the team and community. We hope that everyone gives him a warm welcome, he has been oriented towards community interaction and driving the community and server forwards.He also has experience in the field, and as such, he has shown us that he has what it takes to benefit the community as the new community manager. Please note that the Community Manager role is equivalent to the Moderator rank, and he has thus access to more commands that will aid his work in this new role. He will be mainly focusing on the community and what you guys want. He will be taking feedback from the community daily and seeing what kind of content they want to be added or modified into the game. He will also be focusing on hosting regular events daily and setting up monthly events for the community to enjoy together. His main focus is progression of the server and the community needs/wants. Regards, User Name. Near Reality Advisor Team
  5. Vote store REVAMP!

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Voting is one of the most crucial ways to get our name out there and increase our volume of incoming players to the max. We could not make "Top Lists" without the help of our great community doing their part and you guys excel!!! We want to make sure we can show our appreciation for how much you guys do for us. We have lowered the cost of many voting rewards in the shop. "Check list below for adjusted prices" We also will be adding some new cosmetic items to the voting store very soon! "Bottom of the list" Vote rewards: Weapons Lime Whip: 150 Vote Points Lava Whip: 75 Vote Points Abyssal Whip: 10 Vote Points Master Wand: 5 Vote Points Saradomin Sword: 10 Vote Points AGS: 35 Vote Points BGS: 20 Vote Points SGS: 30 Vote Points ZGS: 20 Vote Points Dark Bow: 3 Vote Points Armours BCP: 25 Vote Points Tassets: 30 Vote Points Armadyl Helm: 25 Vote Points Armadyl Chestplate: 30 Vote Points Armadyl Chainskirt: 25 Vote Points Arcane Spirit Shield: 50 Vote Points Elysian Spirit Shield: 80 Vote Points Spectral Spirit Shield: 45 Vote Points Divine Spirit Shield: 90 Vote Points Miscellaneous 2.5m Coins: 2 Vote Points Mystery Box: 4 Vote Points Packs 500x Manta Ray: 3 Vote Points 500x Saradomin Brew: 5 Vote Points 500x Zamorak Brew: 5 Vote Points DH Armour Set: 5 Vote Points Ahrims Armour Set: 6 Vote Points Karils Armour Set: 8 Vote Points Torags Armour Set: 6 Vote Points Veracs Armour Set: 6 Vote Points Guthans Armour Set: 6 Vote Points Cosmetics (Coming soon) Dark Infinity Color Kit: 30 Vote Points Light Infinity Color Kit: 30 Vote Points Fury Ornament Kit: 40 Vote Points Occult Ornament Kit: 40 Vote Points Dragon Scimitar Ornament Kit: 40 Vote Points Torture Ornament Kit: 45 Vote Points Ward Upgrade Kit: 35 Vote Points Granite Clamp: 20 Vote Points Saradomin’s Tear: 50 Vote Points The appreciation that you guys show towards us is tremendous and we want to do our part to show you guys how much we appreciate all the effort and time you put towards the furthering of "Near-Reality!" All your dedication and support is what keeps the game thriving and progressing every single day. User Name, Near Reality Advisor Team
  6. What You Driving?

    Just a fun post for everyone to show off their rides. Mine

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