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  1. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Super Happy with this one, lemme know what you think. Really enjoyed making it.
  2. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    don't worry i haven't forgotten you just busy with life
  3. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    yea i was originally gonna do a horizontal tag, but the i loved the render and i just couldn't get everything i wanted in a horizontal one. Can make you a horizontal after i finish up these other requests
  4. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Hey man just finished hope you like it! Been working on my smudges, can do like previous ones if you'd like.
  5. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Love the Joker, gonna really enjoy making this one.
  6. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    Hey, decided to try a new style with yours, let me know if you like it or not and i can make one in the previous styles. Or if you like it but want some adjustments. Cheers
  7. Free Sig 4 Whoever

    for sure, jsut go to my shadylemonfx sigs thread and fill out form link broken when i post so just go there same as him, go there fill out form
  8. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

    sure thing i'll knock this out in a bit
  9. Free Sig 4 Whoever

  10. Free Sig 4 Whoever

  11. Free Sig 4 Whoever

    lemme know if you want anything changed
  12. Free Sig 4 Whoever

    you want?
  13. Free Sig 4 Whoever

    lol i got a thread for requests but i gotchu
  14. Free Sig 4 Whoever

    First come first serve, give me your name and i'll put it in this sig
  15. ShadyLemonFX Sigs & Requests

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