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  1. Bank updates

    This is definitely something we want to implement, it's quite a task though.
  2. 2b xp cape?

    If we did something like this, we could make a master cape and have it for 2B in all skills. The grind would be real.
  3. Game Updates | 12th August 2019

    Updated the post with a bit more information about the online store, when these store changes will take place and so forth. Great work team!
  4. Game Updates 13.0.13 | 10th August 2019

    Loving it.
  5. Tournaments

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, This has been an anticipated update coming to NRPK for quite some time now. We understand this system has taken far too long in terms of being completed, but with new content there is bound to be some issues. Moving forward we will begin to run the tournaments on a automated schedule, we are unsure of the times of these tournaments. They will be randomized, and the Tournament taking place at 4PM EST will be for a OSRS cash prize everyday. As of now the schedule will be as follows (you can view the timers for these tournaments). Tournament 1: 12PM EST Tournament 2 (OSRS): 4PM EST Tournament 3: 8PM EST We will be tweaking the amount of PKP received, I would like to see how this first day of tournaments go and we can also re-evaluate how often the tournaments will be ran. I thank you all for your patience! Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  6. Managerial Transitions

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I have some great news to share with all of you. As many of you have noticed, Cayleb has been promoted to a Manager of Near-Reality. He is coming from an extensive background of experience, and this is the main reason why we have asked him to return to his post and manage the Near-Reality Staff Team. We have had some strife over the past few weeks within the staff team, but I believe we are heading in the right direct to correct these mistakes. I would also like to formally introduce another formidable member of our team, Gatsby. His main station will be as our web-developer, and managing various business odds and ends with an emphasis on creating a bridge between the developers, community and management. Gatsby is sharp as a whip and understands what must be done moving forward. He will be working on a variety of projects, such as improving the way we hear the voice of the community, how bugs are tracked and resolved in a timely manner, the overall workflow of the server, and much more. He will fill in the cracks where I do not have the time to do so, we have so much going for us, and I can't wait for everyone to see the results. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  7. [1B OSRS] Near-Reality Season Two

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Since launch we have become very involved with many clans, and we understand what we must fix to have a proper and competitive PKing scene. We are beginning to make these changes but we would also like to introduce Season Two to Near-Reality with an even greater prize pool. We are currently in Season 2, and it will be ending August 31st, at 11:59 PM Eastern Time Zone. Season 2 Rewards (Elo) August-August 31st (11:59PM EST) First Place: 500m OSRS + PVP All-Stars Invitation + Winners Cape (1) Second Place: 350m OSRS + PVP All-Stars Invitation + Winners Cape (2) Third Place: 150m OSRS + PVP All-Stars Invitation + Winners Cape (3) 4th-32nd Place: PVP All-Stars Invitation We will be rewarding OSRS gp prizes for the winners of the All-Stars competition this season as well. These rewards will continue to scale as we progress through the PKing Seasons here at Near-Reality. We have much to come, please stay tuned for all of the upcoming updates. This will be the final season before the Bloodlust system will be released. We know have such a dedicated and solid development team, we now have time for a great deal of content such as Bloodlust, PVM content, new content, areas and so forth. I'm looking forward to seeing how Near-Reality progresses, and I hope you all are as well! Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  8. New Game Developer

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Over the past month, we have been hit with many major bugs that have set us back by quite a few days delaying deployment of future content, QoL enhancements, and overall bug fixes. We have finally come to the conclusion we need to hire a developer that will be working solely on these Quality of Life and bug fixes that have become detrimental to Near-Reality. With Dread leading the development team it becomes very taxing, it's a very fine line between being able to focus on a very intricate game-system to be interrupted by something as trivial as a simple bug fix. We would like to introduce hckr as our new developer, this is very exciting news for us, so please give him warm welcome. You should see many more updates from the development team, and I hope you all continue to put your faith in the team that is working very hard behind the scenes because we are putting everything we have into Near-Reality, and you will soon see the drastic changes coming. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  9. Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, As time moves forward, so do many people's lives. I would like to commemorate everyone included in this post as they have done so much for Near-Reality. It was simply time for us to part our ways. We have many changes in store, and we are simply looking to the future and not in the past. Torn67 has resigned to Legendary premium Ticket has resigned to Legendary premium Divinate has resigned to Legendary premium Hippo422 has resigned to Legendary premium Truly sad to see these guys go, but with moving forward we must stay strong and embrace change. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  10. Happy Story With Sad End

    Good bye Hippo, good luck with the future.
  11. The end of an era

    Sad to see you go Ticket, good luck with everything.
  12. PVP All-Star Winners

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, I was away for the past four days, so I didn't get the chance to formally congratulate the winners of the first All-Stars tournament. We understand the timezones were quite an issue, we will be looking into changing the times up for the upcoming tournaments. With this we have finally been able to iron out all bugs in the public tournaments. We will begin hosting these within the next day or so, with a daily OSRS gp tournament. Without further ado, First Place: Eso Second Place: 241124161 Third Place: Tiki Congratulations to all! I hope you all enjoyed the tournament. Mod Jacmob Near-Reality Management Team
  13. Jacmob's Road to Completionist Cape

    July 23rd, 2019 Made some decent progress, hopefully will max by tomorrow doing stars/kbd for lamps. While doing this I have found well over 50+ misc QoL fixes, bugs and so forth. So I'm looking forward to bringing these fixes to the game.
  14. Custom Items

    Yes from July.
  15. Near-Reality Events 26/07-28/07

    Hello Community Members of Near-Reality, Kevin and I have been collaborating on how we want to provide timely and organized events for the community, and we have decided to post the upcoming events for the weekends and their exact times 5 days in advance every week. Below you can find all the information needed to participate in the events and plan accordingly. We will be starting out with Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We eventually want to expand this into a weekly layout for events, but for this first week we are going to be dealing with the weekends exclusively. Scavenger Hunt (2pm EST) Prize: Winner: Cao Cao HP Event(6pm EST) Head Hunter Event (8pm EST) Hns Events (2pm EST) Head Hunter (6pm EST) HP Event (10pm EST) Scavenger hunt (2pm EST) HP Event (6pm EST) Head Hunter (10PM EST) Prizes will be announced 1-2 hours before the event starts!! Mod Jacmob & Kevin Near-Reality Management Team

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