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  1. Just @crucio

  2. ight

    @crucio was about to ask you the same by looking at frogs pics
  3. ight

  4. The Future of Near-Reality

  5. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    Finally, have been waiting for that Adamant bars drop increase for so long now! Thanks!
  6. Moving on

    Take care forgie.. hope you got time to visit us every now and then.
  7. Forums Notifications

  8. Pure PKing

    This is something I would like to see, was amazing back in the days to just pure pk on NRPK, edge was full of pures. Miss those days..
  9. 2019 NBA Champions

    What is diz bouncy ball NBA? Some kind of sports? Big prize for throwing big balls? @Slim Shaco
  10. Slayer Helmet Guide

    Reg slayer helm can be obtained from reg slayer boxes and full slayer helmet from wildy slayer boxes, idk but could maybe be added to guide?
  11. FFA Event Guide

    Nh is with protection prayers anabled, hybrid is just mage and melee with no overheads.
  12. FFA Event Guide

    Don't we have hybrid ffa to? Also prayers (piety, rigour and augury) can be used in all types except Mbox and f2p.
  13. Selling Easter ring


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