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  2. Client - Fullscreen Issue

    Depends on your java version which you have installed. If your java is up to date, you need to go back to one of the earlier versions.
  3. What’s new?

  4. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    What Malcolm says
  5. Hehe

    4 brother
  6. yo

    long time no see
  7. Clan list from previous nr's

    i remember u
  8. java

    I'll get back to you soon
  9. me

    its me, the guy who can get from 1b to 200b staking and yet never stops and then get cleaned. Who remembers me from the old times Cammy campers anyone?
  10. me

    bully You... You was the first guy to ever clean me, when i started staking lol
  11. buying dpin for 07

    im online
  12. buying dpin for 07

    Good price
  13. Why, Hello There!

  14. Hey guys

    i remember u
  15. Old Member Returning

    This isn't the original server bro. it closed down in 2013.
  16. oi

    Can i like....Kiss your shoulder?
  17. Oi

    sir kraz here Anyone from old nr
  18. Oi

    Eyyy mrcloud
  19. Oi

    It's me
  20. Oi

  21. Oi


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