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  1. Just @crucio

  2. [Resigned] Sldmark

    Thank you for your service, Marko Polo! As always, it was a pleasure having you around. Hope you continue to check in! Take care buddy. Best wishes, IKU
  3. Staff not doing their jobs.

    As Draco pointed out above, staff are not obligated to MM for you. Providing ourselves as a middleman is completely at our discretion, and will be carried out when a staff member deems themselves available. We, like you, are also players of the game, and we are also consistently busy helping other players on top of that. Furthermore, it looks to me like you've intentionally baited Draco into talking down towards yourself with your partner in this trade, which will put you in poor standing and may result in punishment should you continue acting in such a manner. Therefore, this thread is now closed. Best wishes, IKU
  4. Where you at Kevin?

    Harrison sucks, sick bank dood
  5. Game Updates | 21st July 2019

    Keep er going!
  6. Hehe

    Who even are you people? I am king.
  7. Oh hey didn't see you there

    Welcome back man, it's nice to see you!
  8. E-Premium Donator Guide

    Great guide, I like how you changed colors to identify different sections!
  9. Loot from 50 hope devourer

    That cash adds up fast, keep at it!
  10. Moving Forward | Important Information

    Still isn't on his wall LOL
  11. Staff Evaluation (No Flame i Promise)

    You still don't got horses in the back, but your feedback is much appreciated. It's hopefully some guidance for some of those that you made suggestions to. Very mature, this reformed devast is a beautiful thing.
  12. ick imma kill u grody boy

  13. Where the staffers

    New Zealand = Australia? I agree we need more staff members in that time zone, but that requires qualified players to exist in said time zone.
  14. Buying xbox live

    They do but i'm strapped for cash IRL, so I may as well use my online resources to purchase one since I have them currently.

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