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  1. Flux Recruitment Thread

    Ign:Goofy Timezone: GMT-7 Do you have discord/mic(Mandatory):Yes Provide a picture of your return sets Mage/Range:Got about 30 sets ea, banks a mess though. Do you prefer to pk with Range tank or Mage?:both Do you have any previous clanning experience?:Yes, I was pretty active back in 2014-15. Do you have a referral from a member+?(Elite+ will be an auto accept):Cao Cao Tell us a little about yourself:Long time player, also been gone for a while. I've been really active, and i'm always down to do w.e. ingame.
  2. Road to 100 Slayer Tasks (Completed)

    Ez money! good luck on drops!
  3. First Comp Cape?

    Niiiiiice grats
  4. Looking good! I appreciate these blogs.
  5. Price Check Guide

    Add Regular Slayer Helm, and Full Slayer Helm along with the colored ones.
  6. Economy, Lotto, Dicing

    Great ideas and i'd be stunned if the staff doesn't take any of this into consideration! Good shit!

    I agree, as i've seen multiple times how staff members comment with regards to concerns like this. For example, answers like "You have no idea what goes on behind scenes." My answer is no fucking shit ya'll don't tell us anything. For lasting success a level of transparency should established and upheld.
  8. So who's here from before 2015?

    Not me
  9. Fix your fucking game

    Delete cache-> reinstall
  10. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big big safe now
  11. The Future - Near-Reality v13

    Randomly glanced at my email for one second, and its brought me here. Looking forward to it.

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