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  1. Final One Claimed

    Bruh you are the biggest avoider of em all you never fight me always run when u see me in wild to multi or saying that I ask you to fight too late... ofc its gonna take long to catch u in singles
  2. Update Notes- 08/06/2018

    Only bind durations on the normal spellbook can be halved on magic prayer in Runescape, OSRS. Ancients always been the full amount, even on magic prayer.
  3. Very nice, step in the right direction.
  4. Nades Introduction

    Welcome. I suggest to fix some weapon accuracies and special attacks first before you plan any activity for new people because they all get 2-hit. Seen several people just leave this server that I brought here because of that particular reason.
  5. Game Updates | 01/04/2018

    Hi Juan, Crystal Chest possible items: I thought of some fashionscape items like the crystal chest always had but now stuff that we can actually use. Be honest no one used the zammy, sara and guthix rune items lol. So i digged in the item database to find some items that are perfectly usable. - All new osrs ornament kits: Fury, Occult, Torture, Godswords kits, D scimitar, Dragon defender. (write a lil code use ornament kit on item => get item (or)) system, aswell as deassemble) - All New Max cape colors ( to create a lil bit fashionscape or character customization the easy way) be honest the max cape now is really boring red haha. just copy paste the integers from the normal max cape and also the requierements to wear it and the working ava`s accumulator code aswell. - Blessed d`hides (sara,zammy,guthix,ancient,arma) together with the new osrs dhide boots ( no impact on item stats, and creates more customization in the ranged category) - Light and dark infinity robes, have same stats as osrs and infinity robes, but looks lovely. Gets magic some love. PK SHOP: - An easier way to get the most used items on osrs pking are the blessed spirit shield and the spirit shield (in the mage community) 100 ship tickets is a lot atm. Lower this or sell it for a bit cheaper PKP. - The Ely and Divine are not working in PVP at the moment I think, maybe fix this or add this little animation when the effect is applied so people actually know it works and will use it in the future. Like in the gif on the gyazo link below : - You have the items in your database from the new osrs obsidian armour, USE IT in the PKP shop same stats as osrs or maybe add to tekton droptable? - You have all new item ids, for example the real claws vs this server id`s see the comparison below. CLAWS NR CLAWS ORIGINAL Same with all spirit shields, godswords, and more looking different than this. - Dragon crossbow id available: - 3rd age wand,bow,longsword and cloak available MORE FASHIONSCAPE MAYBE ADD THIS SICK NEW ONE WEWT for pking get a drop from a bounty hunter target so u can combine it with a fsh, and give it unlimited target teleports or something. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ SHIP TICKETS SHOP AND PKP SHOPS to be honest completely useless at the moment, so the main point is add usefull stuff here and make it more structured. People dont like to search for 50 shops not knowing where he/she can get certain items. because right now its a mess look lol: Look at this, completely unstructured and 1 shop is even at another location ::shops instead of ::home New people get confused, why not make it like this: THIS: this is taken from another server but you get the point, 1shop with all the items in different categories.

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