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  1. NR Prices

    to my knowledge: this is just from what ive seen/brought myself. hope it helps. Lime Whip: 4-5B Death Cape: 8-9B? Vesta Chainbody: 1B? Vesta Chainskirt: 1B? Bandos Chestplate: 2-400m Bandos Tassets: 2-300m Steadfast Boots: 250-300m Dragonfire Shield: 70M (higher rn) Lamps anywhere from 30-80m+ rn.
  2. 1800Downed for Admin

  3. 1800Downed for Admin

    much Oof indeed, anyway..... ..Id like to look at it more like i have addressed a problem (often there are no admins around for off peak times) and ive suggested a solution... Tbh most of the mods could be moved on to higher ranks and theres alot of normals players who are "Respected Donator" or above who would suit moderator... This is all my own opinion and gain nothing from sharing it, nor am i trying to stand on some sort of high horse and claim i know everything. I appreciate that others feel the same.. +1
  4. 1800Downed for Admin

    1800Downed should be an admin because he is helpful, runs alot of events and is community driven, and we need an active admin during the off peak time (early hours USA time). That is all.
  5. buying DI and DIE pin for 07

    buying 1 of each, 8m each my fee. pm in game for fast responce. cheers

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