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  1. Compensation For All Our Hard Work

    This game is fucking shit anyway, why even waste time on it in the first place? game will never be someting so a reset wont even help. and for all the people that start playing again on the launch will regret it later anyway this game has nothing that actually prober works to attract new players. actually, the only players that play this game are the ones that can’t say goodbye to the “old near reality” which will never comeback. ot: rytur please stop comparing diffrent things that actually make no sence, ur dumb af. thanks, daniek
  2. Main account cmb 95

    Still for sale
  3. [PVP] Meet Carol!

    My honest opinion is that, changing this does not matter a bit. there are far more important things to fix that actually help pvp grow. lets say; - a actual good bh point system that works - diffrent and better rewards/ new raid items etc to actually make it more active. - fix the actual combat system no thok, op items etc. Dharok, ags, claws are so broken. i dont understand why the bh system is not getting looked into, instead you are blaiming a pvp shop which is not even that bad, i must admit you can’t really gain any money from pking currently but i dont see changing prices changes anything. I dont pk because the pvp armour is so shit. People have a infernal cape and it is actually bis and so easy to obtain. anyway gl with w.e ur plan is, just my honest opinion.
  4. Main account cmb 95

    Currently got a 70m offer. A/w 125m
  5. Main account cmb 95

  6. Main account cmb 95

    still selling
  7. Main account cmb 95

  8. Main account cmb 95

  9. Main account cmb 95

  10. Main account cmb 95

  11. Main account cmb 95

    Hey, today i am offering you my main account, i don't have time for it and i really do not enjoy the game anymore. I'm going to south- africa this summer and i just wanna focus on things i feel are more important now. The account has: -A view medium diary's -Almost has void elite (i already have the 400 points upgrade the set, just needs combat 100 to complete the west hard diary) -2 pets, beaver, phoenix, untrades: barrow gloves, dragon defender, gracefull. -The account has piety Also the account come's with the data and the linked email (the one i created the account with) i am the original owner of the account. i hope you enjoy, the account has been great to me and i really had a blast playing the game. For any question don't hesitate, ot; i would take NRGP pins, rs07 gp for the account or paypal if i deem you trusted enough; please make a bid and i'll come right back to you. thanks!
  12. D pins nrgp

    Selling 8 d pins, dont try to lowball me looking for a good offer i accept items
  13. Buying d pins, 07 gp

    buying 10-15 d pins, pm me ig: The greatest paying rs07 gp
  14. Selling my unfinished zerker pure (99 str)

    2 pins for it last call, go

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