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  1. Fix protect values

    So many items have messed protect values. Chaotic kite protects over basically everything so nobody wants to use it despite it being a common pk drop. Dragon kite has 2m protect value, drops over almost any decent weapon. Vls has bad protect value, ags bad prot, list goes on and on and on. Protect value has no correlation to market prices.
  2. Buff onyx (i) ring

    It used to be +6 all attack and defense, now it is only +3. Pretty underpowered with +3 given no strength bonus either and is only available from treasure trails.
  3. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  4. Same mistakes that killed the server

    All around PVM is bad now, drop rates nerfed, many items like primal and nex removed, cash drops too low etc.
  5. Same mistakes that killed the server

    Agree with pretty much everything. Disagree about PVM being profitable though, it's terrible money compared to how it used to be.
  6. Allow use of coins in the trading post

  7. Make void deflector work

    It doesn't work right now and is invisible. It is the hardest void item to get and should work. Also make sure it protects in wild as it is an untradeable.
  8. PVMing is dead

    Support, PVM and slayer too are not fun when drop rates are this bad and so many good items have been removed.
  9. This is a very important change that is needed. We used to be able to use coins in the trade post. Right now we can only use tokens meaning the lowest possible price we can charge for any item is 2.5m which is way too high for materials and food/potions/skilling supplies etc.
  10. Lime & Lava Attack Speed

    The best compromise is 1.5x speed out of wild for pvm and 1.0x speed for wild.
  11. Selling bulk ::di and ::die pins osrs

    still some ::di pins left but low stock
  12. pm me in game. edit: all sold
  13. buying di pins

    pm me
  14. Selling bulk di and die pins osrs

    nty, been selling them higher no problem.

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