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    +1 Always will be nice to have more community events
  2. pest control

    Its currently 2+ to start a pestcontrol game not sure why it says 3-25 +1 support for 1+ to start pest control games so you don't have to use an alt to start pest control games
  3. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Nice glad it worked out
  4. Iron Man Week 3 Progress!

    Nice progress I use imgur to upload pictures >Just upload a picture >Hover Picture and click 3 dots >Click on Share links option >Copy the forums one >Paste the link on your thread
  5. call me mr 10k

    nice gz
  6. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    Why would having too many staff be a problem?
  7. 2500 PostCount.

    Ill never catch up
  8. Who would win?

    +1 for wildy wyrm
  9. Game Updates 13.0.17 | 19th August 2019

    Thanks for the update
  10. Bank updates

    +1 support
  11. some ideas

    Nice ideas You can already disable the warning for teleporting to the wild by talking to the Security Guard and clicking the option "Toggle Widerness Warnings"
  12. 2b xp cape?

    +1 support It would be cool to have added bonuses for each cape too
  13. Planned Maintenance - 4th September 2019

    Thanks for the heads up Looking forward to the changes
  14. Skipping Slayer Task

    +1 support

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