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  1. 1800downed's away time

    Hope you feel better my friend. As always Downed^2
  2. rare frag shop

    +1 super agreed
  3. Just @crucio

  4. [Near] Reality Check

    Thanks for this mu. Very well said and hats off to you my friend.
  5. Near-Reality Staff Updates | October 2nd, 2019

    Aussie you are my papi. Congrats Cruz (-: and gz to noob 1hit
  6. Near-Reality back online!

    Thread is closed - everything's back on track.
  7. Server Downtime

    Thread closed - Server downtime has passed.
  8. Near-Reality back online!

    Awesome! Thank you
  9. Server Downtime

    Awesome. Can't wait ! Let's get it lads!
  10. What are the plans right now?

    Thanks for the update Ben! Keep grinding fella.
  11. Cow Pet

    such moo +1 will moo Silly idea, I like it though
  12. We the Players

    I really like the whole idea of what you have here, and much of it has been brought up as well. With the addition of Benb to our developer team, we hope to change some issues that you spoke on above. One is the Mbox ffa's they are indeed very very fun, and will hopefully be running again shortly. The first donator island topic is a good idea - i'm just not too sure how it will pass over. I do see your point though, it would bring more ::die pins into the game, which is not a bad idea at all. Slayer re-work would be a decent idea, however I believe the slayer pet should be reworked - maybe to implement x amount of task increases per day instead of giving double slayer points per task, or possibly introduce more than a 10 task streak, maybe a 25 streak and a 50 streak to those who own the pet. I agree on the announcements as well, there are many many low tier drops that are constantly announced, yes it makes it easier for pkers to find players for lets say, Mage Books, but if these drops show up, why don't the noted ones? Elves would indeed be a cool return to the ::train or ::di aspect of the game. I agree. Overall, I feel like you have touched on many many different things, but you have to keep in mind that we are currently behind on the development, there is lots of catching up to do and I ask you to be patient with Benb's progress. It may take some time to get used to the Near Reality way of things, but in time, things will make a turn for the better. This does not, it is in place to stop other players from attacking npc's outside of the wilderness. Players would attack npc's on certain donator islands in order to grief other players, not allowing them to complete slayer tasks or kill certain NPC's. Tt is legal for a enemy to box a npc in the wildy. This rule is in place to stop people from using a scout to scout positions and set up an attack. If a player gets a log out on you, then uses the pin system to escape by logging back in and seeing he is still stuck it is allowed. However, there are cases that are up to sole discretion of staff members on if the pin has been abused, and to the severity the abuse actually is. If a clan comes while they have a pin screen up, thats a different story. But if the player is a solo player and escapes and uses his pin, it is not an issue. Thanks for the suggestions my friend, - Uh Ur Downed
  13. safety in numbers

    wish you luck mula with the clan - we definitely need this! Don't give up and keep grinding my friend.
  14. New Lead Developer

    benb 4 president

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