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  1. Staff Update 2/18/19

    My dude. @Spank congrats
  2. Goodbye for now.

    I appreciate that man haha. Unfortunately life isn't always nice to the nice people. I've been going through a lot and just can't afford more on my plate. I'll still be around !
  3. Goodbye for now.

    They aren't. But im hoping they will be soon so I can make a return one day :).
  4. Goodbye for now.

    Thank you @rabbi, thank you @Paganesque! I will definitely keep in touch with everyone :). Much love
  5. Goodbye for now.

    Unfortunately it's time to say goodbye. I've been dealing with a lot of things I never thought I would have to deal with IRL right now, and these things take priority over NR. I haven't been active as much as I would have like to have been lately, and it's not fair to anyone. I want to thank everyone for giving me this opportunity to be part of something special on this amazing private server, I just don't have the time for it right now. Family is very important to me, and a lot of other people, so i'm sure you all understand why this needs to happen. This is not the end of Diabolik. Just the end of staff Diabolik. I will still pop in and say hi and maybe give the kids some work in the wild every once in a while ;P. I just have so much on my plate that I already can't handle, and I can't have the additional issues and obligations from being staff, and I hope you can all understand. I also want to apologize for not being around. I tried to be as much as I could but, other things are taking priority right now and i'm sorry. I met some amazing people and great friends on here, friendships that reach beyond a video game, and I can't be more thankful. I will see you all around. Until then, take care. It was great to be here. ~Diabolik
  6. Wildy Slayer Box Table

    Definitely some chances at some nice rewards. Good stuff!
  7. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    Great update! Thanks so much once again! I hope everyone enjoys :D!
  8. Pkerman

    Glad to see this kind of pk content! Good stuff! Keep at it!
  9. That's very weird it got deleted. I'm not sure if we can check who did it or how it even happened i'm sorry for that. I will bring it up with the team and see when they would like to hear about this ^-^!
  10. There was a lot said in this post. This is definitely something that is going to be needing a looking at. I agree some things need tweaking, a re-look & re-vamp. I like the idea of the new items and a way to cut items out of the eco, but in my opinion, the numbers people are hitting now with the items they have is already too high. If we keep bringing out these new best in slot items I can't even imagine what people will be hitting, and i don't think the idea is to run around and 1 hit everything. I don't know where I stand with some of these so I will leave it here for now. Not bad ideas, i'm just trying to wrap my head around balancing these lol.
  11. Sneak Peek: Comp Capes

  12. Farewell

    It tears me up thinking that Spank will no longer be on daily to have fun or pull shenanigans with :(. Congratulations on becoming a father though, that will be exciting and scary! I wish you and your girlfriend all the best and good luck with your future & pregnancy :)! I'll always be here if you need me. Keep in touch on snapchat! @Spank
  13. buying 50m 07

    GP for GP or In-game items is not allowed. You will have to do this trade via donator pins if you are interested.
  14. Game Update 12/30/2018

    Thanks a bunch
  15. Hello new nr

    Glad to have you back :)!

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