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  1. Accuracy: Enhanced items

    Weapons don't work properly right now and will be patched in the next 24 hours.
  2. Game Updates | 12/06/2018

    Hello community of Near-Reality. Here are the list of today's changes: Client Changes Brand new game launcher for automatic updates. (You will no longer need to re-download the client each time) Windows executable with Java included, windows users will no longer need to download java. New updating system. (Updates should be downloaded much faster) Added new Near-Reality icon. Added custom items for Enhancement kit. Server Changes Re-written Discord API, the bot should be functioning again. Added Enhancement kits, they can be purchased at several shops and they can be used to upgrade your high tier items. (More items are going to be added in the upcoming updates!) Lime Whip Thok's Sword Kodai Wand Ancestral Set Pernix Set Torva Set Virtus Set Armadyl Crossbow Dragon Kiteshield Added new Free for All modes. Fixed attack delay timer in Free for All. Free for All equipment modifications. Stats in Free for All are now properly restored. ::die has been updated with new objects and NPC spawns. Fixed Jad animations in the Fight Caves. Primal pickaxe speed increased to 1.8 from 1.7. Agility brawling gloves now degrade after 150 uses instead of 1. Brawling gloves are now tradeable. Death npc has received a new location. Fury shark has been added to the game. Barrows drop rates have been changed to 1 in 10. Removed protection value from Elysian spirit shield. Fixed stepping stones agility obstacle in rev cave. Fixes to Quick prayers functionality. Added Cows to the kill logs. Enabled npc and gfx debugging commands for high staff members. Staff shop has been revamped. Fixes to dialogue system. Fixed titles, can now equip titles (must relog for it to change). Fixed trade post issue where buying 1 item would buy 2. Apologies for the wait, new game launcher took longer than expected. I can assure you now that we will be seeing much more frequent updates since that has been sorted out. See you next time!
  3. Update

    Never heard of that happening. Kappa
  4. lmao hi retard missed you :) xD stream again soon pls

  5. Game Updates | 11/18/2018

    Hello community! To those of you who don't know me, I've been working on Near-Reality on and off since 2013. Recently, Near-Reality has reached out to me and offered me to become a lead developer once again. I gladly accepted the offer and in the last few days assembled together a small update to kick-start the development process. So here comes the list of today's changes: Client Changes Fixed the search bar for Drop Table interface, now as you begin to type search automatically cleans itself. Spawned a Blood Key chest in the Last man standing area. Server Changes Player owned shops (Trading post) is now saved on logout to avoid rollbacks in-case of server crash. Fixed "Deposit 10" option in banking interface. Added Ganodermic Visor to Ganodermic Beast drop table. Swapped out Hardcode ironman icon and description with Ultimate ironman. Added 5 second attack timer to Free For All to avoid rushing. Decreased combat bonuses on Wizard boots. Increased combat bonuses on Ragefire boots. Added 4 Cooked Karambwans (bless dovy) to Dharok's FFA. Fixed a combat glitch which allowed you to attack people outside Wilderness with Granite Maul. Added ::togglebh command for staff members. Granted ::searchalt command for certain staff groups. Disabled ::checkbank/::checkinv command in LMS and FFA for ranks below Advisor. Restricted ::teleto and ::teletome commands in certain areas to avoid potential abuse of a new staff members. Converted entire project structure to Gradle. (more development/infrastructure changes to come) That's it for today's changes. From now on Near-Reality is going to be updated regularly every weekend, so expect more updates very soon! If you're having trouble connecting to the server, re-download the client and it should work fine.

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