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  1. Clan list from previous nr's

    Gwas-tortion was legit when we actually felt like playing the game
  2. Scorch's Introduction

    fk u sexy
  3. The time has come

    sad to see you leave bud. be safe
  4. Rytur & Forg33

    Yeah our staff is PRETTY GEWDD
  5. Wilderness things

    the way I was thinking of it, would be set gear matches and make it have an incentive to win, such as a prize, untradeable cape etc. (such as winner's capes in the past) This would make it where if you wanted you could pick people from your clan, or you could pick others from other clans that you know will be good for your team etc. Also it would be pick by pick, so you wouldnt get to instantly only pick from your own clan because they may get picked up by other team captains or leaders.
  6. Wilderness things

    I think it could be monitored by staff/ given a prize to winner, but run by the general pking population (because as of right now that isnt much)
  7. Wilderness things

    the draft wouldn't have to take away from the devs time, just would need prep time like a NH tournament
  8. Wilderness things

    I was thinking of it being a sort of draft for a tournement or something, similar to an nh tournement, but with a single/multi war deathmatch etc, but you get to pick your teams from a draft
  9. Wilderness things

    Alrighty then, well as the title says this post will be about wilderness things. First off, I wanna try and get feedback on certain things that either need to change, be revamped, or added/completely removed from the wilderness. This shows me what is needed to help the wilderness prosper for both clans and solo pkers and allow people to enjoy pking without having to join a clan just to do certain things. Secondly, there is an obvious discrepancy when it comes to solo pkers and trying to go to gano, without having to join a certain clan i will not name. This mostly has to do with the amount of players that are involved in that clan, which has no problems, but what would the general population of NR feel about a Clan Draft. This would take all of the current active pkers, create team captains, and captains would draft players in a system similar to the NBA or other sport systems. Lastly, What do you guys think of the current combat triangle max hits/hit accuracy. Currently in max melee gear you can hit consistent 40's with limes as well and 50's, would you guys want a nerf to the overall hits with melee or would you like to keep it the same? All of this will be taken into account and hopefully cause great changes to NR as a whole! EDIT: Also if you do not want a clan draft I would love to know why or what issues you have with the idea so maybe I could revamp/change certain aspects. Also if you have any other ideas for different additions to the wilderness feel free to leave them below! EDIT #2: I added another poll that has to do with gano, this would make it where you have to do a certain amount of damage before being eligible to get a drop. Would also allow devs to add ::td command to see how much damage you have done on a certain monster/ since you've logged in.
  10. New prayer

  11. Aimed at PVMers

    Im pretty sure cuz most people get a different euphoria from pvming rather than pking
  12. UN/Bloodlust Discussion Group Applications

    In game name?: Mted490ksec Are you a clan leader or part of a clan?: Yes and no If yes, what clan?: HP, but not officially If yes, what is your role in the clan?: Pker, Multi Caller, Hybridder Do you have more experience in Singles or Multi?: Both equal, vast pking experience over years Why do you want to join the UN?: Honestly because the last time I was on a server with an UN, they were terrible pkers and didnt know anything about the game. UN is supposed to include pkers that have knowledge on the game, as well as game mechanics.
  13. Game Updates | 01/17/2019

    good stuff
  14. Team-Explicit

  15. Newspost! 10-16-18


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