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  1. First online btw

    First online but since you logged didnt c u around
  2. [500m] Near-Reality Season One

    I call all NSers out ez
  3. [750M OSRS] Road to Completitionist

    Few skills left for 200m OSRSGP ez
  4. Server is trash i quit rant.

    I got warned cuz what I speak the truth? I have nothing against NR tbh. All I gotta say goodluck nothing more :\
  5. Account Security Giveaway!

    Np torn im big safe now.
  6. PVMing is dead

    I'm serious still confused as fuck since when is NR actually turned into PVM ''basement''?

    Isn't Ikov enough for you'll ?
  8. Big Ronnie ~intro~

  9. yo

    Behind me
  10. A Proper Near-Reality

    I don't think this will help to grow our server but it will make more lose playerbase. Why you should reset eco again? Better you can rollback everyone at one point. but all good I don't play this anymore but NR stays in my heart. Rip old days
  11. 1800Downed for Admin

    Asking to be staff or for your friend is not allowed I guess.. Let him apply and lets see what staff members want
  12. Rest in peace..

    True he was staking addicted.. Its true bro I was just not sure to post and shit but everyone knows now..
  13. Rest in peace..

    Well he was part of BBB and the leader of BBB told me aswell.. Again rest in peace Ben I will never forget him.
  14. Rest in peace..

    I dont know if its true ive seen few posts about Cleanedbro aka Ben he died on a car crash and his heart exploded.. If Its true Rest in peace my G spoken him few times on NR

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