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  1. Staff Update 2/29/20

    Hello NR Community! This update comes with a few new promotions to the team as well as one retirement. Please join us in welcoming the following to the team: Blood Buns has been promoted toServer Support Jase has been promoted to Server Support Jimba has been promoted to Moderator Hermoine has been promoted to Moderator Draco Malfoy has retired to Respected Premium I think it's safe to say we all know and love Jimba who has returned from a hiatus while working out of town for an extended period, we welcome him back with open arms. Jase was with the team back in 2016-2017 and was actually the one to ::kick me when I first got Server Support! It was nice to return the favor and welcome him back as well. Hermoine has been doing great work and was easily promoted to Mod. Buns...well what do we say about Buns? I think you're all pretty much familiar with him and we look forward to seeing what he has to offer as a member of the team. We wish Draco all the best! See you guys in game. Paganesque and the NR Team.
  2. Brawling Gloves; Other Skilling

    I could get behind some of these ideas, I'll toss a few into staff chat and see where they go. Good work and tyvm.
  3. Staff Update 2/4/20

    Greetings NR Community! This is just a quick update on our most recent staff changes. Flint has been promoted to Administrator Cause Havok has been promoted to Global Moderator Imma Kill U has been promoted to Advisor Hermoine has been promoted toServer Support uimpsy has resigned to to Respected Donator Congrats to those promoted! Hermoine has been a player in the community for as long as I can remember and has a wealth of professional knowledge to offer as well, we look forward to great things from him! Flint & Cause have been putting in some major hours and efforts here at NR and we are all happy to see them progress. Iku has been moved up to Advisor where he can better help with issues he could not as Admin. Most of you know Iku has been here for YEARS and certainly deserves the nod and we hope to be seeing a lot more of him in the near future! Sadly we've said goodbye to uimpsy who resigned due to personal irl issues. We wish him all the best in whatever comes next for him. See you in game! Paganesque and the NR Staff Team.
  4. What's up?

    Welcome to NR & to the team CJ Lookin forward to working with you!
  5. LDI Prayer

    I'm personally not opposed as most of what you're going to kill is already on ldi and rdi anyhow, doesn't seem like it would hurt anything.
  6. Rare Frag Shop

    Thanks Mlk, appreciate the post and we will be digging into this list for review.
  7. @whoever re added cele staff

    The flip side is if we buff the staff would u like us to just turn the kodai into a straight ray gun? Buffing weapons can be a delicate balance and if its taken too lightly we run into problems later. The issues are being discussed.
  8. Can't run the client?

    Have you tried restarting your client and pc? When did you last login?
  9. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2020

    "hi I'm a noob ironman wanting to take out 40 gp" lol
  10. Game Updates 13.0.23 | 13th January 2020

    ty Ham! u the man!
  11. Jimba's retirement

    But...i love you....
  12. Greetings NR Community Members! We have a few changes to the staff team to announce! Please join us in congratulating: Espire has been promoted to Administrator Spank has been promoted to Administrator Mraussienoob has been promoted to Moderator Sandballoon has been promoted to Moderator Sldmark has been promoted to Moderator Sldmark spent a lot of time on the team awhile back, in fact here was here when Cayleb and I were first promoted to Server Support! Mark has always been very friendly and helpful so we welcome the addition, albeit temporary. He currently has a month of free time and will be here to help fill coverage in game for the EU time zone while we flesh out the staff team a bit more. Congrats to everyone who has moved up or joined us! The team looks forward to working with you and we will see everyone in game! Paganesque Near-Reality Management Team
  13. Moving on

    You will be missed Frogger!! I was just thinking about when I first met you at Edge. Take care and good luck with everything in the future, I know it's bright for you!
  14. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 6th, 2019

    With a heavy heart I wish you all the best. Too much to sum up on a post, and too personal to be public. You will be missed.

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