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  1. Greetings NR Community Members! We have a few changes to the staff team to announce! Please join us in congratulating: Espire has been promoted to Administrator Spank has been promoted to Administrator Mraussienoob has been promoted to Moderator Sandballoon has been promoted to Moderator Sldmark has been promoted to Moderator Sldmark spent a lot of time on the team awhile back, in fact here was here when Cayleb and I were first promoted to Server Support! Mark has always been very friendly and helpful so we welcome the addition, albeit temporary. He currently has a month of free time and will be here to help fill coverage in game for the EU time zone while we flesh out the staff team a bit more. Congrats to everyone who has moved up or joined us! The team looks forward to working with you and we will see everyone in game! Paganesque Near-Reality Management Team
  2. Moving on

    You will be missed Frogger!! I was just thinking about when I first met you at Edge. Take care and good luck with everything in the future, I know it's bright for you!
  3. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 6th, 2019

    With a heavy heart I wish you all the best. Too much to sum up on a post, and too personal to be public. You will be missed.
  4. Greetings NR Community Members! This staff update comes with big changes. With the server headed in a new direction and the team's demands and obligations shifting, there have been several staff members that have opted out for the time being. Real life priorities such as jobs, promotions, personal endeavors etc have taken the forefront making it difficult to keep up with the changing demands of Near-Reality, therefore today we officially say goodbye to our Moderators: Sandballon has been demoted to Player Holaman has been demoted to Player Jellyman226 has been demoted to Player Phinoy1 has been demoted to Player Lots of us have fond memories with each of them and we certainly wish them all the best, it's been a pleasure getting to know you and thank you for the time spent on the team. Next we have the team promotions! Moving on from Server Support to Moderator we have Zander. Zander has been doing FANTASTIC work between helping out in game to bringing you guides etc, he spends a lot of time here and we appreciate all his hard work and effort. Also, joining the team, we would like to welcome B R Z as a Server Support as well as welcome BACK to the team Mraussienoob, both of these guys are super helpful around the server and we are pleased to have them on board! Can't forget...Cayleb back into the Advisor role! Cayleb has been with us in the past and certainly knows his way around being staff, we welcome the help and experience! That's all for now! Paganesque Near-Reality Management Team

  6. Custom Items

    P22sik, Thanks for the support and please PM Mod Jacmob with this request, thanks!
  7. Finally lucky

    Nice 1
  8. Game Updates 13.0.9 | 24th July 2019

    Thanks Dread
  9. First Comp Cape?

    gz, and rip Pets
  10. 1800 downed & Paganesque

    Thank you so much Bird!! We truly appreciate the shout out, 1800 is a great stafferman and person, so kudos to him Let us know if you need anything in game
  11. black hween mask

    nice loot!
  12. Staff update

    Hello all. With the goings on behind the scenes recently for relaunch I felt it was time to give the promotion to Administrator for 1800downed. Not only has he been helping with every issue thrown at him but he is always coming back to ask what he can help with next. Beyond this, his experience with many types of servers, the knowledge, skills, and tools he brings to the table, all mean he far exceeds the Moderator level and I for one am excited to see him reach his full potential here at NR. I know some of the community was waiting for this in the past, so you can now congratulate him on his new rank! I have no doubt we will see more changes happening within the team as we progress into this new Era of Near-Reality! See you in game, Paganesque
  13. Pokemon Master

    all spawned btw
  14. F To Pay Respects

    Now you get to do it all again! It will be fun tho, I had such reservations over the previous reset, but it was actually refreshing, and this one comes with a focused plan & I'm really excited for it! Hope you are here with us on relaunch!
  15. WEEKLY EVENTS 5/26 - 6/1

    @Goth Remco see an advisor+ in game to claim your prize for kraken pet! nice job! you can choose from either of the two prize packs in last week's thread. The Ultimate pack or the Heads pack. gz!

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