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  1. Skilling Pets

    gz crucio now all npc pets
  2. I like the idea of double xp alternations too. Might let me get XP better too, being from a way-off timezone. For others regarding his 2nd suggestion, it's basically ground item overlays with filtering/color-coding
  3. Death NPC - Wilderness

    Looking to see what the community suggests for this!
  4. boss teleport command

    ::vorkath exists

    Good job spots. +1
  6. My journey for KBD head

    Just so you know, having one starved ancient effigy in your bank will prevent you from picking up another one. So if you wanna collect more, I suggest using the effigies and keeping the Dragon lamps.
  7. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    Great updates!! The PVM arena fix is GOAT. And Lime Pickaxe now #1
  8. crystal keys

    I love the random cosmetics and aim to collect complete sets from keys alone. But definitely should be looked at!
  9. Game Updates 13.0.24 | 4th February 2020

    It's only purchasable after 2b exp in all stats.
  10. Mysterious emblem

    Only T1s should be tradable. Imagine buying comp cape achievement for t10
  11. Boxes?

    it's 1/50 to land in the drop table, then equal chance to hit every 1/50 drop. So it's much rarer than 1/50. I agree that it's slightly ironic for the best source of cerb boots to be not from cerb itself.
  12. What's up?

    Welcome CJ! Excited to have you here!!
  13. Advertisement?

    i mean, getting 48k antique lamps is harder than 100 kills or trading in a 10.

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