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  1. Server is trash i quit rant.

    i was killing mole in wildy ''unskulled'' got attackt by a player so i died , i kept 3 items as i was not skulled a glory , snakeskin boots and 1 other bullshit item and i lost my chaotic crossbow(only good item i had) so i told staff, they just laugh cant do anything didnt want to listen to my story they were rude asf. i dont even care about that item got 2,5b but i care about this server deing slowly with all the bugs and glitches and the eco that is crashing after a week. we need more selling points for rare items something like general store giving 150m for chaotics weps that are 200m worth so you can dump item fast.
  2. Drop Pin Disappeared

    drop pin seems to disappeared after purchase

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