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  1. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    I know, I've become the very thing I swore to destroy. It's just if someones going to blatantly lie on forums to make themselves look better i'm going to call them out and defend my clan.
  2. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    Currently, you do not have a single pic of yourself killing a rain member. Now how does it make sense that you've killed us 10+ times alone in the past 3 days if theres not a single picture of you doing so. You clearly take pictures of all your kills to build up your ego so why isn't there a single pic of you killing a rain member? Regarding the 1v6 because we left him behind. The only time we "left a teammate behind" was in the top picture of geo. I remember that pic, it was right after we cleared you guys and we decided to stay at revs for a bit. We saw that you guys were coming back so we all decided to tele out. however, by sheer luck you guys got a tb on him. Stop lying to make your clan look like it dominates because it really doesn't. Now, I don't speak for rain, but 9 times out of 10 I bet rain would be down for a fair clan v clan multi fight. So if your clan runs revs why aren't you guys ever down for it?
  3. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    Cool comeback... What's your definition of a story?
  4. Flux AKA Womens Tampons Night Out Ft. Rain/Randoms

    You're just the cringier version of I hate spots... All of these pics are of you guys 1v6ing rain members. The rest are of people not even in rain. And I can't believe you think the leader of rain is I drop. It's obviously Doicare... I can make a whole rant of how your lying but whats the point. Rain runs revs and has shut down your clan way more then you've shut us down. You don't run anything besides mb lever. Please try to prove me wrong without lying.
  5. How to claim a Mbox from Discord

    Great guide tyvm!
  6. Updated Price Guide

    Very nice guide!
  7. Account Security Giveaway!

    np torn im big safe now
  8. Same mistakes that killed the server

    What if you guys increase the amount of gp you receive from killing your targets in the hotspot areas. I agree that it shouldn't be up to 500m, but I think 300m is a reasonably amount of max gp you can receive per target kill in these hotspot areas. You can keep the hotspot areas that we have now like ice plat, gdz, edge, etc. Then possible make rev caves, and gano spawns a hotspot area. This change would tempt the players with high ks's who just go after people training agility and killing moles to go further away from a easy teleport spot. It would also increase the amount of clan on clan action in these popular areas.
  9. Why Zulrah...

    1/2000 drop... I'm about to go commit suicide cya boys
  10. Same mistakes that killed the server

    plus, you have to be very carefull with rival pkers\clans trying to end your ks.
  11. Same mistakes that killed the server

    +1 to everything you said. I really think they need to start polling almost every major change like this to avoid further problems.
  12. Pet Benefits

    +1 i think they should add this into the game
  13. Game Updates v13.0.3 | June 26th, 2019

    - Experience lamps can now be used on Construction that'll be nice but at the same time it just makes nr even easier But overall these updates will really improve nr's game play and I can't wait till July 1st. I hope these kind of updates\improvements continue to happen:)
  14. Its me

    I don't have a problem with you and I know his comment wasn't the best but don't be that guy...
  15. Gear locked to PVE only

    well said

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