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  1. The Time Has Come

    the end of an era
  2. selling blowpipe

    pm me ingame or on forums if i'm offline
  3. Godwars Fungeon Points

    unreal event. go ween go
  4. 9-24-07 News post!

    torn is bis staff
  5. Update Log - 21/05/2018

    Thanks for the update & thread - however the priorities for updates shown by the dev/staff team are not aligned with what the regular playerbase is looking for. I understand that part of this is on the players, as the majority of suggestions or complaints are akin to "fix combat" or "broken ass game wtf" rather than actually expressing concerns in a written up bug report, but there needs to be an increase in communication between the staff and players in regards to legitimate concerns on the functional side of NR. Now I'm not claiming to know exactly what is needed to raise player morale, but this is not it. Turm works great, however it leaves ranged feeling a little overshadowed.. a similar buff on rigour or ranged weapon accuracy would greatly improve the ranged meta in PVM (I can't attest to PVP, but if anyone wants to chime in feel free) and bring a little more balance to the combat triangle.
  6. Staff Update 5/14/2018


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