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  1. Important Information | Staff Updates

    Congratz guys, just popping this ugly mug in to say hi
  2. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    bring back advisor cruz OmegaLul
  3. Signature

    Hermoine is good. good . good .
  4. Regarding Updates / Overall Rant

    @Spank I done a lot of tables added and removed a lot and got pushed to the side by you know who, cant change things and people that don't want change brother, best to just let go some times, spent weeks doing that to no avail. Unfortunate too, they would have had a positive feedback from the community and staff team alike.
  5. Cruz's Resignation

    Dear Near-Reality Community, This post is to inform you all of my resignation, this decision has been made extremely easy for me. Due to management making the decision to allow the sharing of pedophilia within the community. After banning a player permenantly for sharing an image of a 15 year old girl and claiming that it was okay. This is quite the contrary, the legal age for concent to take pornographic images of any person within "sweden", is infact 18 years old. I will not stand by and allow this to happen within my beloved community, hence my decision to leave. Many thanks for the memorable *good times* throughout my stay here. I hope that staff members and community members alike can learn that this is not how real life works. People go to prison and are the outcasts of all aspects of life after commiting such heinous crimes. Take care all. Cruz.
  6. Cruz's Resignation

  7. Cruz's Resignation

    This makes me feel better about my decision to leave, being as tho if the staff team changed their mind without my input at all means I wasn't as valued as I thought, cheers devyn.
  8. Cruz's Resignation

    Im glad that this decision was over turned, however saddened that it took me standing down for it to be the case.
  9. Cruz's Resignation

    it is what it is brother
  10. Cruz's Resignation

    @Scorch lol'd good to see support from the community, yes poor decisions were made, however learning from these experiences will only but help.
  11. the un-Perm-banning of fred

    dw i resigned because of this decision, you arn't alone with how you view this subject.
  12. Jimba's retirement

    Pog not pog, keep intouch my brother, life has many adventures. Make the most of them all. Much love.
  13. official frag shop suggestions

    interesting, i like where you are going with this.
  14. wildy/other things

    +1 support this thread, i will post to staff chat and get some feedback.
  15. few suggestions

    few good suggestions here tbh, im for the majority of them albeit a bit iffy on one or two
  16. quick suggestion

    good suggestion, +1 support
  17. Relaunch information - Change of date

    niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice good decision cheifo
  18. Relaunch information - 23/10/2019

    rip ironman
  19. Just a Show of hands

    this lmao
  20. Cow Pet

    OMEGALUL i aint big anymore brother, used to be a fat cow however more of a calf now... wait that means i am a calf, name the pet after me!

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