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  1. Your first day?

    Not fucking playing. reseting max\comp was stupid
  2. Some recent wins

    Streaked me hard =.=
  3. Selling Pins 07

    Selling bulk pins 07, respond here or in game!
  4. Selling 23+pins 07

    Selling 23 pins 07, pm me here or in game!
  5. Buying All Pins NRGP

    Buying all pins NRGP =] Paying in great items or cash, looking to buy bulk!
  6. I'd just like to put into words what most of us are feeling about the current economy that has been magnified by the most recent update announcement and having 50+ pins removed as well as over 2t in cash/items by Oi Ali's ban. I'm noticing it's becoming increasingly difficult to sell and buy items because the economy has gone stagnant due to many factors. One of the few things that would make this whole thing better is to run with the increased trading post suggestion-- much like when 07 implemented the grand exchange the ease of transactions in the laissez faire approach will create fluidity in the market and get things moving again. Also, another big issue at the moment are pin sales. Fewer and fewer pins are present in the game with little donations taking place to replenish the stock. I know this update is supposed to help solve that, but perhaps running a special on pins or something will revitalize the community in light of the new credit update. Perhaps reducing the staff commission from 10 to 5% will also incentivise people to buy and sell more pins for 07 again helping out the economy and increasing commission revenue by pure volume of trades... on the same note, we have enough money sinks in the game I dont think a trading post fee is necessary... we already pay 75m for an infernal buy back, and 5% of every 1b ticket. Just some suggestions! Let me know what you think =]
  7. Selling 33 Pins NRGP

  8. Selling 33 Pins NRGP

    Selling 33 pins NRGP pm me on forums or reply here =] don't bother with 4-4.5 offers will take items
  9. Selling lvl 119 Main account OldSchool

    Okay how much is reasonable then? Not too sure. I have an account similar just cbf with skills
  10. Selling lvl 119 Main account OldSchool

    Me either but what kind of offers are legal? NR? OSRS? idk
  11. Selling lvl 119 Main account OldSchool

    What are you asking for it?
  12. Game Updates | 3/26/2019

  13. Buying gsh and row

    @Blood Buns I'v egot both but i'm muted in game. pm me when u wanna meet at trade
  14. Buying Magic String

    Muted in game, feel free to pm me here or in game =]

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