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  1. Buff daily's

    definately needs some fine tune, rewards is a whole other topic really, sticking to items worth rare frags should be the best way as they can be removed as quick as they come in
  2. How to save nrpk... (critical post)

    the actual truth is nothing to do with this, rsps are just not what they used to be with the backed up hype, jagex are no longer pissing off their player base because they get to vote on every single update now meaning a LOT LESS players quit runescape to go play a rsps witch is how it used to be back in the day hense: "where legends go after rs got shit". rs is not getting shit anymore its getting better and better......... the same bunch of people have been coming back to nr since the first launch and 50% of the playerbase is still those people only gaining the odd few here and there. there is times where enough players are on to have an active wildy on weekends and stuff but honestly all private servers have this same wilderness problem unless they are a hugely popular server that is the go-to for most players. ---- on the flipside the three things wrong with pking right now is gmaul (can be bug abused to axe gmaul axe gmaul axe ignoring game tick rules.) korasi (way to accurate hits up to 76, commonly 55+ every spec) dharoks (shud be capped at 70, also can hit random 60+ when your over 60+hp) witch makes me stop pking after about 2 deaths cause its boring and not skillfull at all
  3. Buff daily's

    im all for people saying no but at least say why
  4. Buff daily's

    same here i did put it in the thread that things would be reasonably priced ect (sorry for double quote lol just woke up ima bit derpy)
  5. Buff daily's

    yeah my "point system and shop" was a hot 5 min idea, could definitely be refined and doesnt have to be this way at all, just aiming at the extra content mainly thnx for your reply
  6. Buff daily's

    would be cool idea having all 3 types of related rewards huh that you can get for points i mean ^
  7. Buff daily's

    yep definately the shop was just example everything would be reasonably priced like the pkp shops to make sure of it
  8. Buff daily's

    sounds like youd like the shop if this becomes a thing
  9. Buff daily's

    yes i like the idea of doing everything your suposed to do in runescape, skill, kill stuff, kill players and most of all make money
  10. Buff daily's

  11. Buff daily's

    this thread is merely a suggestion so be nice lmk what you guys think (edit: this thread seems to be a popular idea, just note that this is just a "template" of how dailys could actually be regular content to make players want to log on each day and make a bit of cash and do general runescape activities, IF this idea is popular enough to go into development it would be completely up to the developer on how he executes this template) i feel like its a shame only getting 1 daily per 24 hours when it could actually be content to keep players occupied and a way of earning money and exp lamps for maxing new player friendly. i propose that some more daily variation is added 3 dailys of 3 different types pvp/skilling/pvm that reset every 20 hours so you can easily log on at the same time each day to complete them(timer would start on starting your first daily) and a point system with shop. completing all 3 tasks of one type will result in the current daily reward you receive but you will also receive 2 daily task points per task + a bonus of 10 for completing all 3, giving you a total of 16 points per subject, a further bonus 15 points can be obtained for completing them all within the reset period. meaning you can get 63 points per day. maybe a similar multiplier to slayer for completing them ALL each day? you will also receive 3x exp lamp 3x 25m 3x brawling gloves as your usual daily reward per subject completed. the shop would feature items from barrows, whips, furys, d boots, m box's ect... and some juicy stuff for us that can be patient save up all at a reasonable price of course and nothing thats going to greatly impact other items. PVP TASKS task 1: kill player with range (just off the head examples of what they could be, maybe they could be different or harder) task 2: kill 5 players task 3: kill player with dharoks SKILLING TASKS task 1: fletch 100 bows task 2: cut 100 logs task 3: burn 100 logs (usual stuff) PVM TASKS task 1: kill a gwd boss 5x task 2: kill a wilderness boss task 3: kill 50 "slayer creature" (or maybe just complete a slayer task idk lol) upon completing all the tasks above we will unlock the elite task. "ELITE TASK" like mine 500 rune or kill 30 zulrah something that is actually a grind or challenge, this can be any of the 3 subjects and significantly harder to complete it will reward 50 points for completion and also councillor halgrive may have some nice new reward for us well thats my thoughts so far... feel like it would give more reason to log on each day and help the new players make some money and get addicted feedback/other ideas welcome
  12. Godbows 99 defence?

    godbows should just be 99 range required if i remember rightly. support
  13. blowpipe range

    it could well be zulrahs size is 2 squares 2 small i dont actually know, i just know i can attack it from there cause i done like 1k on real rs lol
  14. Bank updates

    also u can only put so many rows of items in each tab witch isnt nice either =[ +1
  15. make limes not require 99s

    + godbows

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