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  1. Skeletal bosses

    Like on old nr, age,claws, Statius, def Statius, vesta, deg vesta, Korasi, ship tickets, blood keys, cash 250m-500m, some other items but can’t think of all them.
  2. Skeletal bosses

  3. Skeletal bosses

    Bring back the skeletal bosses!

    I had all skills except 2 skills in choas realms:p
  5. Advertisements

    page 2
  6. Advertisements

    I'm very curious if anybody knows if there are near reality advertisements on any of the voting websites, it would be cool if there are so new players can see NR on the front page. this would increase the player base maybe. also I'm willing to help pay for the advertisements each month if I permission from the owner.

    Bring back the skilling passives that were introduced in chaos-realms (remake server of original NR), These are achievements of reaching 2b exp in all skills. its rewarding for players for example, when you reach 1b exp in woodcutting you cut logs 50% faster and at 2b exp u cut more faster and so on. This gives players a more long term goals, especially for players who have earned comp cape. Agree or Disagree? I see no problems with this idea tbh.
  8. Growing Pains and Plans

    When u say skill prestige, will it be similar to chaos realms skilling passives, example at 1b exp for woodcutting u cut logs 50% faster
  9. Death Buyback Prices

    I support 100% agree
  10. Blood necklace

    Is the blood necklace suppose to not show at all around the player's neck or is this something staff have to update and fix so it will look noticeable, atleast when I wear vesta with blood necklace it isn't noticeable.
  11. Ideas for the wild

    Everybody post ideas BELOW that would make the wild more active. I haven't seen 1 player in deep wild yet since i joined again Theres already alot of bosses in wild and 2x pkp which is good. I remember there was always pkers outside of magebank.
  12. Developer cape

    Why would i post ideas for developers im for the community lol
  13. Developer cape

    I didnt know theres another cape in the server lol
  14. Developer cape

    Add developer cape that gives more bonuses than max cape and comp cape. requirement: max stats, achievements, reach 2b xp in each skill. This used to be in older nr servers idk its not in this one. agree or disagree?

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