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  1. Elysian pk

    people really click baiting on nrpk XD gtf outta here
  2. Boss pets

    Yh focus on the pets, thats what we need.
  3. Vet rank

    They dont give out vet ranks - have i been told.
  4. Game Updates | 11th February 2020

    i cant even get to the log in session, also ive been muted in forum chat for over 2 years... still not removed cmon XD
  5. Divinate

    so am i! HÆHÆHÆHÆHÆ
  6. Final LDI price

    I still miss a Chaos Elemental pet
  7. Divinate

    and if we can get this blocked or something? retired mod / irrelevant by now i belive. HÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆHÆ
  8. Divinate

    Cant tell how many times this mofo helped me out with mm or anything. Really just wanna say thank you (y)
  9. sell dpins 07

    Selling dpins for 07 cash, pm me here or ingame. offer ea, and ofc ur fee
  10. Buy dpin nr cash

    No clue. im buying to get osrs gold lol. just made a new pure
  11. Buy dpin nr cash

  12. Buy dpin nr cash

    Maybe it will make people donate for them. either way, im always buying, so people can pm me here or if im online ingame
  13. Buy dpin nr cash

    Im buying dpins for: 1-9 3.5b ea 10+ 4.0b ea 20+ 4.5b ea 30+ 5.0b ea Will pay cash or items. Ur call Hit me at pm ingame @ numse or here on forums!
  14. Buy dpin cash nr

    Gonna sleep now. pm on forums, until i wake up -i pay 5b ea. the offer is gonna last until i wake from this cocaine trip. 10-12 hours aprox. spend some $$ and get rich in 1 trade!!! leggo faggots. *friends yew ash best88
  15. Numse sale-


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