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    Ironmen stand alone. I hope your complaints are resolved in a timely manner, maybe try talking to Cayleb? He has a fair bit of UIM experience.
  2. Near-Reality Staff Updates | August 6th, 2019

    Yeah heres to the future!
  3. The end of an era

    You're a good man ticket. It was a pleasure working with you.
  4. Happy Story With Sad End

    Your words are too kind Hippo. You were a fantastic staff member. I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.
  5. NR Player age poll

    I voted.
  6. Selling neon blue skull set

  7. PVP All-Stars Information!

    Hello everyone! This post will detail the All-Stars Tournament and PVP changes for Season 2. Season 2 is now live! ELO has been reset and its time to grind back to the top! The All-Stars Tournament will be held tomorrow August 2nd, at 12pm EST. You will need to be online roughly 30 minutes before the tournament is set to begin to finalize registration. The following are the final standings for Season 1: Congratulations to Eso, I Drop, and Donikk for taking down 1st, 2nd, and 3rd respectively! 1 Name: "Eso" Rating: 2939 2 Name: "I Drop" Rating: 2366 3 Name: "Donikk" Rating: 1810 4 Name: "Green Bombs" Rating: 1770 5 Name: "Itz Geo" Rating: 1754 6 Name: "Chad Xd" Rating: 1698 7 Name: "I Am Racist" Rating: 1679 8 Name: "Maxim Xd" Rating: 1645 9 Name: "Elvin" Rating: 1578 10 Name: "Catshitter69" Rating: 1499 11 Name: "Wanderlei" Rating: 1478 12 Name: "Sandniqqa" Rating: 1461 13 Name: "Nubsarewell" Rating: 1444 14 Name: "Dizzee L0l" Rating: 1441 15 Name: "Willyd" Rating: 1437 16 Name: "Buch Is Gay" Rating: 1433 17 Name: "Side Snack" Rating: 1427 18 Name: "Digi22" Rating: 1423 19 Name: "Callisto Alt" Rating: 1418 20 Name: "Tahykoft" Rating: 1406 21 Name: "Mastermind" Rating: 1403 22 Name: "Free Agent" Rating: 1398 23 Name: "Karim8" Rating: 1396 24 Name: "Ray Donovan" Rating: 1395 25 Name: "Skill3r" Rating: 1391 26 Name: "Swett" Rating: 1382 27 Name: "Gamer Blitz" Rating: 1374 28 Name: "Schackel" Rating: 1373 29 Name: "Johansson" Rating: 1372 30 Name: "Tiki" Rating: 1345 31 Name: "Rabbi" Rating: 1340 32 Name: "Criz" Rating: 1336 Upcoming Changes for Season 2: You will now only receive ELO and PKP from each unique kill once every 10 minutes. This is to help combat the widespread ELO farming that took place. The time it takes to receive a player you've recently killed as a target has been reduced from 30 minutes to 10 minutes. This is to increase activity in Edge. ELO gain in multicombat areas has been slightly reduced. I look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow for the tournament and Season 2! Torn
  8. Near Reality Rules

    Altered Rule 15.
  9. PVP Rules Update

    Hello everyone, Today comes an amendment to the current PVP rules. OLD RULES: 15. Player Vs. Player (PvP): Permanent Ban / IP-Ban Near-Reality is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. We also do not have set rules for the wilderness, so go in there at your own risk. a. PKP-Farming will be result in a temporary ban and resetting of your PKP. Further attempts may result in a permanent ban or IP-ban. b. EP-Farming will result in a jail. Further attempts will result in a ban. c. Blood Key farming and emblem farming is also punishable in the same way as EP and/or PKP farming. This is also something that is not easily traceable, and therefore would need to be clear-cut evidence that this is going on. There is no "time limit" set to how long must pass between the killing of the same account over and over, but please be true to your word and do not attempt to give yourself an unfair advantage over other players. NEW RULES: 15. Player Vs. Player (PvP): Permanent Ban / IP-Ban Near-Reality is not held responsible for members who have lost, disconnected etc., while in the wilderness. We also do not have set rules for the wilderness, so go in there at your own risk. a. Farming kills for the purpose of gaining rewards or advancing in any of the categories listed here will result in the following Sanctions 1st offence- ELO removal, 10 day ban that may be appealed. 2nd offence- ELO removal, 30 day ban that may be appealed after 7 days, Account reset 3rd offence- Account Deletion and permanent Ban Farming consists of killing your team's alternate accounts, requesting kills from a player (regardless of if compensation is involved), or killing your own accounts. Farming is also subject to interpretation by the staff team. Its always best to report strange activity in the wilderness to protect yourself.
  10. Greatest Moment

    My highlight was posting on this thread
  11. Hello everyone, A bit of sad news. Cayleb has been promoted to Administrator Crucio has resigned to Legendary Premium Crucio is someone I consider a dear friend of mine. He worked closely with me on multiple projects and was a fantastic confidant. I certainly hope that in the future he makes a return to the team, as I know we'll accept him with open arms. I wish you the best of luck in the future Crucio and I hope that we can stay close. We will miss you brother. Thank you, Torn
  12. Forfeit Post.

  13. Climbing

    Isn't it like pretty dangerous? Do you go solo? Do they have like, rated trails for people of different skill levels?
  14. Account Security Event Winners

    Hello everyone! Last night the winners for the Account Security Event were selected! If you're one of the lucky 4, please forums PM me to receive your prize! 1st- @Birdjnr 2nd- @Kinzy 3rd- @Brokenrealm 4th- @patricia Thank you all for participating and remember to stay safe! torn
  15. hello sory maybe u can take off me bann this game me life 


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