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  1. First Maxed Ironman

    Niceee congrats
  2. Big fricken OOF

    L2risk kiddd

    Who? Scrotch what?
  4. Buff onyx (i) ring

    I wouldn't mind bumping it, but if its only available from treasure trails than its practically a cosmetic. Which is a little pointless being how it was widely available for pvp use in the past. So +1 to bumping it, and hopefully making it available through the pkp shop also.
  5. Bounty Hunter Rework

    Hunger games you couldn’t move until a certain time. No attacking until the timer was gone. Then you practically free for all. Like Last man standing, I suppose. But you’re geared with your own gear already. The entire point of pvping is the chance of no escape. Especially when it comes to deep wilderness. You’re suppose to target the easy kills such as pvmers who boss inside the wilderness. Adding this would allow them to boss freely if everyone was pking inside this arena/minigame. TBH I don’t even think anyone would actually PvP in this arena.
  6. Fix your fucking game

    You’re missing some stuff from the cache. Gotta delete it
  7. Account Security Giveaway!

    Np torn I’m big dick now i mean big safe now
  8. A picture of my son and I

    Damn spank be looking buff in that picture. also your hairline is retreating @Torn67
  9. Bounty Hunter Rework

    This is practically a hunger games minigame. I’ll give you credit for the work you put into this, but something like this would be tedious to add, especially for the purpose of PvP. We have a massive area for the wilderness already, why add a mini game and work on separating the wilderness even more. i don’t see this idea working out, but I am all for revamping the bounty and tweaking things to make it more appealing
  10. Forums Notifications

    +1 keep missing out on Ryturds quotes
  11. Staking Cash and Trading items

    Fricken nice lure kid
  12. Staking Cash and Trading items

    Stfu you bitch I just said that We gl now. Just you wait till I level up to 126
  13. Dicing Rank?

    I would much rather have a dicer rank. it would be more easy to identify real dicers. Rather than trading someone everytime to see if they had dice bag
  14. Staking Cash and Trading items

    Maybe In the future. As of right now I’m going to say no. Just because there just isn’t that much cash circulating yet. I personally don’t like it when rsps’s try too hard to reflect Osrs. Defeats the purpose of them being rsps’s. The economy will fall and overflowing items will soon be a problem. But that’s the fun with rsps’s. No matter what we implement. There will be something wrong and a broken economy will happen. Even if we taxed literally everything and eliminate staking completely. So an all out eco, isn’t fun to me.
  15. Same mistakes that killed the server

    Anyone willing to create a poll and generate a list of the rewards? What changes and tweaks you'd all like to see? Seems like the killstreak reward system is a major one that keeps popping up.

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