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  1. [Near] Reality Check

    I’m here to say, in my years of playing. This NR has been the absolute worse. It started with good intentions, but greed and laziness is shown too often here.
  2. Full Set, Full Send

    Time to high alch it
  3. Impossibility of Completionist Cape

    I’ll sell kills 50b per 50 kills
  4. Cow Pet

    We have one it’s name is @Cruz
  5. New Lead Developer

    Have you seen the staff updates?
  6. GainZ.

    lmfao, grats
  7. To me its all in the conversations
  8. @

    Content loc
  9. half a day risk fighting

    empty it, no balls.
  10. PvMers that don't fight back #ptdfb

    Attacking back = a formal sorry letter to the player you attacked. Or kicked.
  11. Hardknoxlife

    Congrats on the wins, always dope to see some good vibes especially when staking/pking is so revolved around flaming
  12. [Resigned] Sldmark

    Nothing senpai! Me so sorry
  13. What’s new?

    At least there’s consistency :s
  14. Random Pking Supplies

    Would be nice to actually collect sets for pking. Hopefully noted barrows become a thing.
  15. What’s new?

    Been a while since I’ve logged on. Curious to see everyone’s opinion on how the server is going for them? Heard couple items dropped heavily in prices. Is the playerbase still at 100ish-70ish players?

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