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  1. Weekend events - Feb 28th - Mar 1st

    Trivia: shittiest server slave answer: Buns Blood i win.
  2. Death NPC - Wilderness

    Would like to see all untradeables, would help as a faster and far greater money sink.
  3. Wiki editors

    noticed i havent logged on since ur ugly ass rank. pipe down server slave. the men are speaking.
  4. Wiki editors

    they get the rank wiki editior, what more u want tf tbh gfx artist's need to get paid more.
  5. breaks on death


    i agree. prices are outrageous, fuck dis eco ass bs.
  7. Weekend events - Feb 7th - Feb 9th

    very nice nerd
  8. Game Updates | 29th January 2020

    Nice, some decent news coming through finally.
  9. Weekend events - Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    ima put you in a damn box we gl
  10. Advertisement?

    nice join date idiot
  11. Advertisement?

    advertise this amazing server with this amazing staff, with this amazing dev team kappa gang c u nerd tbh nr is a dead name. legit keep the same source and rename it, ezpz player base.
  12. Weekend events - Jan 31st - Feb 2nd

    mystery boxes be giving me dragon weapons i cba with u
  13. So who's here from before 2015?

    West Sidee 2008
  14. Donator Island(s) teletabs

    Ima say no, just because I can see that it would be very useless, unless we remove :: di command and make the tele tabs as a new money sink, for faster teleportation. and replacing :: di with the tabs & teleportation spell to the islands. Which is quite some work for teleport tabs, when you can simply just type :: di.
  15. Please add this back in game

    +1 would donate

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